Friday, August 01, 2014


I grew up eating and picking huckleberries.  They are a small, tart berry and grow in the woods.  It's a tedious process to pick them properly (there are ways to comb them off the bushes, but that is not the way my family does it).  The University of Idaho sells huckleberry bushes and my late son Brad bought me 10 of them his last Christmas (2012).  Half of them are still living and it would be awesome to have my own patch in my woods!  This year I have gone picking twice.  In mid July I met my sisters in McCall and this past week with my mom outside Pierce, ID (the patch is secret of course!).  Here are a few pics of my adventures!
Driving east on Hwy 12 to Kamiah

My sister Lori

My sister Sue

Me with some of my berries, I picked two gallons

Payette Lake from the Point - our cousin Pattie took us on a driving tour after a great dinner.

Left to right oldest to youngest - Julie, Sue, Lori

Berries in MCall

My mom picking near Pierce

taller bushes but much steeper hillside

There is a lookout in the center of the photo.

Looking down the road we need to travel to get back home!

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Melissa said...

I showed Kevin this post so he could most see what your huckleberries are like. They grow differently than ours (mostly on taller bushes, but they do grow also in the scrub areas). I loved your huckleberry pie!