Saturday, August 23, 2014

August UFO #23

As I mentioned previously I got involved in swaps on the internet and made a lot of friends.  I became particularly close to two women who both passed away and whom I acquired things from.  Vicki from SC was heavily involved in the Pat Sloan internet group and Debi from WA was a fan as well.  I did make several of the Pat's designs and was involved in several swaps and she also designed several fabric lines.  Through Vicki and Deb I seemed to have acquired a lot of Pat's fabric.  Honestly some of it really wasn't my color choices but I had a HUGE bin of it so a few years ago there were postings on You Tube about the "10 minute block".  Next thing I knew I was cutting fabric and made a queen size top.  I don't find it super attractive and have no clue why I made it so the top sits in my cupboard!  Be careful, if you say you like it you will probably end up with it!


Amy said...

I like it.

Valerie said...

When I saw that there was a comment, I thought to myself, it's probably some one saying they like it. Sure enough. Funny thing is I actually thought that Amy would like it when I was reading the post. It's more her than you.