Saturday, August 16, 2014

August UFO #16

This morning my cousin contacted me and said she was at her parents home working on cleaning it out.  Her dad passed away several years ago and her mom (my mom's sister) passed away 3 years ago.  My cousin has been working on this project whenever she could get there, but lives a few hours away.  They have decided to sell and really need to get everything out and her sister lives further away and was able to come for the weekend.  I was available to drive up (45 minutes away) and went to get canning jars.  My car is stuffed to the gills with canning jars (some have food in which I will be dumping).  The funniest find of the day was a small box I pulled off the top shelf of the pantry.  I opened it and there was wedding cake!  Very petrified wedding cake.  Their parents were married 64 years ago and there was a wonderful love letter their dad wrote to their mom.

My aunt had several quilting projects in progress which I have agreed to finish for her grandkids.  Aunt Helen was a Home Ec teacher for many, many years.

This UFO is Winter Wonderland and apparently I did some blocks with fabric on the back of the block and some not.  I have another one almost done and really need to press this and figure out where I'm at.

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