Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day procrastination

I did it again. Procrastinated on making my mom something for Mother's Day. My mom usually gives me lists of things she wants made and with three occasions a year I get most of them done. For Christmas I went in with siblings and paid for getting home movies put on DVD's so I didn't make anything. For her 70th birthday in Feb. I found the replacement china pieces online she needed and gave her those which she was expecting to pay for.

Here we are, Mother's Day weekend. Yesterday I looked through a pile of fabric belonging to my mom (she buys pieces on sale she likes but doesn't sew) and she had a lovely piece of a Christmasy wildlife print. Their family room is decorated in wildlife. I went to Orofino to The Wild Hare and found some flannel that would coordinate and today I will be machine quilting a VERY simple throw and hopefully delivering it tonight (machine sewn binding).

I will get a photo when it's finished.

Monday, May 05, 2008

A Finished Project

I bought this pattern last summer in Estes Park, Colorado, the designer was from there. It's called Merry Meadow. I bought the fabric at Quilt Something
in Moscow, ID and hand appliqued 60 yo-yos. The yellow border next to the binding is dimensional. It makes a nice throw size and I love it. I quilted it at a retreat a couple weeks ago at Palouse Divide.