Friday, February 03, 2006

Bragging on my Daughter and other ramblings

This week, my daughter's AP Government class won the state We the People competition in Boise. They will be going to D.C. in April to compete at nationals! It's a thrill for them and we are such stay at home's that my daughter has never flown before. I would love to go with the class as I have never been to D.C. either, but it just won't work out this year.

Lisa will graduate in May as valedictorian of her class and I keep asking her what quilt she wants for graduation. Her sister had picked hers out a couple years in advance, although I didn't start sewing it until spring break of Amy's senior year. I finished the binding 30 minutes before we left for graduation! I would like to have Lisa's done a little sooner than that!

I work as a teacher's aide at a one room school and one of the students asked me this week if I knew anyone who procrastinated. He had already looked up the meaning of the word in the dictionary (my standard answer to them if they ask what a word means). I had to laugh and say yes I do! That is me and it drives me crazy that I do that. It's almost like I work better under pressure or something, but it annoys me anyway!

Quilting ups and downs

Since I created this blog I haven't spent a lot of time quilting! At least not the amount of time I normally spend at it. However I have finished machine quilting 5 tops for a friend and I mailed off a completed quilt and a quilt top for the American Hero quilt project. .

For years I have machine quilted on a Pfaff 1215, purchased in 1983. I have a Pfaff 2040 purchased a few years ago, but I had better luck quilting on the old Pfaff. However the machine is wearing out and last fall I had the chance to purhased a slightly used Janome 6500. I love quilting on this machine! It has a couple tiny quirks, or things I would change if I could, is a better description, but I love the size of the machine!

I haven't made anything for myself for quite awhile now. After getting through all the Christmas sewing stuff I have been doing projects for friends. Yes, they pay me which helps support my "habit" so that helps a lot and why I don't say no! I have about 60 unfinished quilting projects laying around right now.

Pictures of my sewing room are on my webshots page, somewhere on my profile is a link to that!

I need to actually try adding pictures to this blog instead of just reading directions, it might make sense then.