Friday, February 03, 2006

Quilting ups and downs

Since I created this blog I haven't spent a lot of time quilting! At least not the amount of time I normally spend at it. However I have finished machine quilting 5 tops for a friend and I mailed off a completed quilt and a quilt top for the American Hero quilt project. .

For years I have machine quilted on a Pfaff 1215, purchased in 1983. I have a Pfaff 2040 purchased a few years ago, but I had better luck quilting on the old Pfaff. However the machine is wearing out and last fall I had the chance to purhased a slightly used Janome 6500. I love quilting on this machine! It has a couple tiny quirks, or things I would change if I could, is a better description, but I love the size of the machine!

I haven't made anything for myself for quite awhile now. After getting through all the Christmas sewing stuff I have been doing projects for friends. Yes, they pay me which helps support my "habit" so that helps a lot and why I don't say no! I have about 60 unfinished quilting projects laying around right now.

Pictures of my sewing room are on my webshots page, somewhere on my profile is a link to that!

I need to actually try adding pictures to this blog instead of just reading directions, it might make sense then.

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