Monday, September 28, 2020

Almost 3 months, really?

There will be quilt photos at the end of this post!  
I seriously cannot believe it has been almost 3 months since I last posted!  I am still here really!  I got a new computer and I could not figure out pictures for the longest time, but now I hope I can blog again on a regular basis.  I haven't really even kept up with blog reading either and I will try to be better!  

I have made quite a few things during the time I was not blogging, some have showed up on Instagram.  My oldest daughter and kids were here in both July an August.  My sister and I drove a rental car to Kentucky to see her son and two grandkids (the baby was born July 6th in a fire station!) and my two grandkids and younger daughter.  We both flew back separately in August.

We had our harvest and Doug is planting fall crops.  School started at the end of August and we are in person all day.  We have 21 students K-6.  I now have Kindergarten and First Grade in the second classroom full time all day...  The staff and parents wear masks in the building, students do not, but we really try to keep them distanced.

Oh and don't forget the wildfire on Labor Day!  It was horrific.  We live at 3100 feet and the closest small town is 12 miles down the side of a mountain in a river valley at 1,000 feet.  First off in late August there was a wildfire on the lower part of the hill.  One house burned and my coworker was evacuated and kept out of her house for several days.  Then came Labor Day.  The winds were over 50 mph and Doug was not harvesting due to the extreme fire danger.  Our power went off and I immediately got the fire radio (Doug is a volunteer firefighter).  I also looked out and saw that a tree had fallen onto our Caterpillar tractor hooked to a plow (ready for plowing a fire break).  Doug went out to cut up the tree and yes the radio went off.  The winds whipped that fire around like crazy and 13 houses, 26 vehicles and numerous outbuildings on the hillside could not be saved.  It was horrible.  The fire came within 500 yards of our house, but it was across the road and a field with a fire break around it.  Doug was with the fire department down the road trying to save houses and my BIL used the tractor (after finishing removing tree limbs) to plow fire breaks around our houses.  Anyway, we live in a horrible cell phone reception area, and our landlines went out.  I borrowed a portable cell phone charger (I must buy one).  I had to go stand in a field to call anybody!  Our power was out 47 hours and our internet out 3 days and landlines 4 days, but we made it through (Doug hooked up a generator that Tuesday morning) and I feel horrible for the homes lost.  We had school on Thursday that week, the fire was under control by then and they were letting people on the road.  The fire burned over 1600 acres.

Now back to the land of quilting!  I am making bed quilts for my twin grandkids third birthday in November.  I finally got started!  I am combining a couple of patterns, my daughter picked out the blocks she liked (I took the patterns to Kentucky and we went to a quilt shop in Cincinnati).  

The kids will each have one block of each set either orange or yellow and then I am using teal, purple and pink for Remy and blue, red and green for Finn.

I participated in a summer sew along where all the fabric was provided.  Although I have made plenty of sampler quilts, I love the fabrics and supported the shop!

I am doing the Nebula block of the month starting in January.  The designer came up with six designs to work with the special rulers and it is called Journey2Nebula.  I am behind, but I made two tablerunners out of the first pattern because I couldn't decide on fabrics!

Here are 3 of the shop samples I made this summer too.  I made more and have other projects, but I need to find them on my phone amongst the grandkid photos!