Monday, October 20, 2014

Design Wall Monday - new quilt tops

I have accomplished things lately, but haven't posted for awhile.  I am posting pics of two quilt tops finished recently.  One had been on my design wall for quite some time and finally I just started sewing the leftover pieces from the two black/brown/gray quilts tops I made this year.  I added a touch of blue for a spark and I really like that.

This one is the second dresden plate quilt from the same set of blocks I made this year.  I hand appliqued the dresden's in place.  I think I like the 30's without green and I hadn't realized that before.

I went to The Washington State Guild quilt show this past weekend.  I saw lots of great quilts and was totally enamored with Fire Island Hosta by Judy Niemeyer.  I had seen pics of the quilts before but seeing one in person...  I bought the pattern and I'm dreaming of fabrics.