Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another American Hero Quilt Top Finished

I just had the borders to add to this top and it would have been done long ago. It's a disappearing 9 patch from a great tutorial at this blog. Last night I didn't feel like machine quilting and decided to just cut and and sew borders. I had the previous top I made from an earlier post still sitting here so this morning I packaged them up and my son is mailing them off after school to American Hero Quilts.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Family Photo

I actually did it! I posted a photo of myself, along with my family to complement me! My daughter Amy took this photo when she was home in mid October with her camera remote. She is student teaching in Utah, although her mentor had a baby so Amy is in charge of the classes now. She is teaching Jr. High Algebra. Lisa is a Jr. in college majoring in Bio Engineering and Brad is a high school senior who plans on majoring in Agricultural Engineering (I think, he is interested in plant breeding). He is a hard worker and does a lot of work on the farm, takes care of our yard, garden, etc. We never know where he is, he loves to go out hiking in the woods behind our house.

Next year it will be empty nest time. Oh yes and less expense at the grocery store! Of course there are college expenses to deal with but we have been lucky with the girls and lots of scholarships and wages from summer jobs paying for a lot of their expenses.

This is a picture of our search and rescue dog Kanobi. He usually sleeps more on his back than this, but last month I tried to paint the wall "dog dirt brown" because of the dogs laying against it. It's really not pink like this photo shows but not as brown as I was going for. Kanobi is part lab and part border collie.

Yesterday I painted my family room, kitchen table area and hallway silver mist. It's a little bluer than I was going for (see a pattern here in my color choices). The prep work was horrible and now I need to paint the window and door casings and get the furniture back.

Then it's back to my regularly scheduled quilting!