Sunday, September 26, 2021

Autumn is Here

 I cannot believe it is fall already.  This has been such a strange summer.  We are still getting produce from the garden and I end up canning.  Not my most favorite thing to do with my weekends.  School is in session and so far our school is open and let's hope it stays that way.  We have even gone on two field trips.  Being a small school in the country with 19 students helps!

We had our county fair a week ago.  It was much smaller than usual, but we filled out the quilt section nicely.  We got lots of compliments on it.  I managed to enter 7 quilts I had made in the last two years.  I did get blue ribbons, but I enter mostly to inspire people. 

Cute gnome quilt.  The hearts are appliqued on.  Shop sample.

Kaffe leader ender project.  It always sticks to my design wall and looks wrinkled.

One Block Wonder with Kaffe feather fabrfic and cubes.