Sunday, August 22, 2021

Wow, August is Almost Over!

 This has been a super busy summer.  I don't even know where to begin!  So I will be random.  Quilts will be in the post!  I had more company and also met my daughter halfway to pick up my two oldest grandkids so they could have a bit of harvest.  Our weather has been so dry harvest was very early, and the yields were down quite a bit.  While the kids were here and because of the super dry summer, fires have been rampant in the norhwest.  On Wednesday, August 11 a fire started several miles from here and quite a bit lower in elevation.  It quickly went out of control and into the wooded canyons.  My husband is a volunteer fire fighter and had already plowed fire breaks around our house and fields.  By Friday night we were in danger, but I didn't realize how much!  The fire traveled 8.7 miles up the canyon and was stopped by a backfire .7 miles from our house!  It did not cross the highway thankfully.  My husband was out fighting fire and the biggest danger was flying embers with the dry ground and lots of trees.  These pictures are from one of our fields on the edge of the canyon.  Thanks to hundreds of firefighters, including farmers and loggers the fire was contained at 11,205 acres.

I have gotten several shop sample tops done and have actually worked on some of my own projects, but not too much!  I helped my 7 year old granddaughter sew an apron when she was here.  She was very proud and wanted to bake.  Only it was so hot and we don't have air conditioning so I was avoiding the oven!  She did enjoy setting the table in her apron!

The pictures below are all shop sample quilt tops!

The fabrics glow in the dark!