Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quilt a day #45

Today was a surprise when I woke up to snow outside! My pretty tulips were all buried under snow and the roads were a mess. The snow has melted but the winds have been atrocious.

I have had bits and pieces of time and cut up a bunch of scraps and have been making scrappy 9 patches for a swap and some for when the blocks come back and then I further cut up a bunch of scraps into 10", 5", and 2.5" squares. My batiks are being cut into different pieces because I had a quilt in mind but now can't remember what!

When I went to put the 5" squares in the drawer I realized all my 3" finished 4 patches from several months of guild swapping were there. I laid the out and then made some more to fill in to a certain size. I haven't added borders yet, but this is what I have so far. I will donate it to a charity.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Quilt a day #44

I don't have anything exciting to say but decided I should post a photo since I forgot to last night. I was too busy sewing 4 patches trying to finish an old UFO. I knew I couldn't concentrate on machine quilting so I found something tedious to do!

This is a quilt I made for my niece several years ago. Oh my, it's been 10 years now. My SIL bought all the fabric and did a lot of the applique by machine. I finished the blocks, assembled and quilted it.This is a wallhanging I made many years ago as a gift for my friend Lynda. It's a really bad photo. It's probably 12-13 years ago that I made this from a Pat Campbell design.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quilt a day #43

I went to a quilt show in Clarkston today and put a few pics on my webshots account. I was taking inspirational photos of black and white quilts and 30's quilts. I usually take more photos at a show but I kept running into people I knew and getting distracted. I didn't buy a thing, which is unfortunate for the vendors, but nothing grabbed me and I have a lot of fabric and UFO's!

When I got home from the show I took a photo of my tulips. It was cool and windy so they weren't open. My son had parked his sister's car in front of the house so I had to take a side view! Later on I will plant petunias between the crocuses and tulips. This quilt is a Yellow Brick Road I made for my friend Joann several years ago when she graduated from college.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quilt a day #42

Amy and Nate left today, Doug took them to the airport while I went to work. It was a great visit and now I have a three day weekend. I had 4-H here this afternoon and will tomorrow as well. I am leading both quilting and sewing for four girls this year so it's a challenge.

These are a couple flannel quilts I made several years ago. One was a Thimblerries design for my friend Deb and the other is a queen size trip around the world quilt that is on my bed in the winter (along with 4 other quilts)!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quilt a day #41

I found the picture of this baby quilt I made 15 years ago! It was for my nephew Austin. It was so fun with all the different animals and the dimension.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Quilt a day #40

Amy and Nate are here and we went to my mom's for "snacks" tonight. We are stuffed to the brim and brought home a box of food, a big box! My mom loves to cook.

I didn't have time to peruse my photos much, but here is a quilt I bought as a precut John Flynn kit and I disliked it. I donated it as a baby quilt with a cute flannel backing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quilt a day #39

Last night I was too busy playing cards with all three kids home and one extra to post to my blog. One daughter checked this morning and said I didn't post last night!

I have this quilt hanging in my hallway now and had to stand in my laundry room for an unsquare picture. This was a block robin many years ago. I did the cabin block and several fill in small blocks but I got an awesome assortment of blocks, a lot of them beautifully hand appliqued. Love the dogs! They are modeled after the maker's own dogs. It's a fun quilt and I loved using the floral print for the sashings.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Quilt a day #38

I was too busy cleaning last night to post. My oldest daughter and her boyfriend are flying in tonight and we are leaving in a few minutes to make the two hour round trip to pick them up.

I have already driven over 130 miles today, what's another 100 miles? At least my husband is driving this time, it's hard to see still, although I got to stop dilating my eye last night. I still have to do the steroid drops.

This wall hanging is from a class I took in July 2008 from Terrie Kralik. It's called Flora and Fauna and I love the colors. I was recovering from surgery and didn't know if I would be up to the class so I wasn't very prepared, but I love the finished project!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quilt a day #37

I had 4-H members here today for sewing, one finished a skirt and one started a quilt. She was a bit scary because she likes to hurry and teaching a 9 yo to cut safely with a rotary cutter takes a lot of patience and nerves! I also have to hold the ruler at the ends for her.

I made this top two years ago on commission for my friend Deb to give as a wedding gift to her niece. She had tried to get a feel for the color choices of her niece and sent a bunch of pics of quilts and everything was very definitely country and this was in one of Kim Diehl's books Simple Blessings. Everyone was thrilled with it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quilt a day #36

I totally spaced posting a picture last night! I think it was because I was cleaning my basement on commercials of Dancing with the Stars and when it was over it was bedtime!

Here are two tops I made at the retreat. One is a Suduko I solved and made out of leftover Fossil Ferns from the previous top I posted. I love the bright colors of this quilt and have no clue what to do with it. It measures 42 X 58. I might quilt it and donate it to the Kiwanis Burn Camp or see who puts dibs on it.

The table runner is made from a Little Charmers pattern and was a Charm pack with extra for the triangles. I have never used a charm pack and I don't know if I would again. It's too controlled with different colorways of the same print. I see some areas of color that were hard to see before I stitched it together. I am planning either a brown or red binding. These aren't my usual Christmas colors for sure.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quilt a day #35

I am home from a wonderful quilt retreat. My eye cooperated, although my right eye has to do all the seeing, at least the left one didn't hurt! I hope I can cut the dilating to once a day at night and see better!

I did get quite a lot accomplished. I quilted my larger than queen size Canyon Dance quilt. It took a 2,000 yard cone of Superior King Tut thread and lots more time than I anticipated! It was getting down to the wire on thread, but fortunately I changed thread on the border. I want to get the binding on and then take good picture.

I made this top below and another one Saturday. The pieces for this one were all precut last weekend. My friend Deb had an Australian Patchwork magazine and had sent it to me years ago along with some fabric telling me I had to make this quilt. I finally did and although I absolutely love the quilt, I discovered I really dislike working with Fossil Fern fabrics! It's completely Fossil Ferns (the bacckground is a pale gray). The pattern is called Fossil Fern Fantasy. I decided to make a Sudoku quilt out of some of the leftovers and still need to put the outer borders on. I will continue to be posting photos!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Taking a hiatus

With my serious eye issue and leaving for a retreat Thursday-Sunday I am taking a break from posting quilt photos. I just hope I can see when I'm there! I don't have time to get things set up to post while I'm gone since I have to go back to the eye Dr. for the third day in a row tomorrow. It's a several hour trip by the time we do other errands.

I need to work on packing things and getting stuff done around here. I'll be back to posting next week!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Quilt a day #34

Some of you know I have had an ongoing medical saga since Jan. 3rd of this year. I have one more chapter to add, if you are interested it will be below today's picture.

Today's weather was wild. There was a major snowstorm, but it warmed up twenty degrees and melted in a couple of hours.

This quilt is one I saw the pattern for in Colorado a couple of years ago called Merry Meadow. I didn't get it then, but ordered it later and then used some pastel florals for the background. The applique is by machine except all the yo-yo's that I made and hand appliqued. I love the soft look of this quilt.
I have another chapter in my medical saga! I woke up yesterday with intense sinus pain and some eye pain. I was able to dull it and make it through the day. This morning I woke up in horrible pain in my nose and eye and my left eye vision was blurred. My eyeball was extremely sensitive. My husband was sure I had a blockage in my sinuses so I went to Express Care after working this morning. The Dr. flat out said "I don't know". He was concentrating on my eye and finally said I needed to go see my eye Dr. ASAP as my vision was 20/60 in that eye with my glasses on. I went to the eye Dr.'s office and they were able to get me in right then. I have "iritis". The eye Dr. was very, very concerned when I told him about all I had been through recently. Iritis is caused by inflammation in the body! I left with a dilated eye and had to get two prescription drops. I was alone and had to drive home with worse vision in my eye than when I went!. I have to go back tomorrow afternoon to be checked but DH is going with me this time. My iris is stuck to the lens in my eye. It's so bizarre! I never dreamed something this would happen in my continuing saga! The eye Dr. wants to know what my SED rate is next time I have my blood checked (which is next week).

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Quilt a day #33

Easter dinner was nice today with mom here. We had a lot of food! I cut out a new quilt tonight to take to retreat to piece. Thankfully I did a test block. The pattern was in an Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine and it's one Deb thought I should make and had sent me fabrics for it years ago, all fossil ferns. I had collected the rest I needed, 21 colors plus background. I knew from previous experience that somehow I don't piece grandmother's fan blocks well and this was no exception! I got the template adjusted.

This was a mystery quilt from Cindy a couple years ago. The pattern is at her site. It's probably on my blog, I just didn't go backwards. I took this photo hanging at my guild's show last summer. I love the quilting I did on it, but I doubt it will show up!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Quilt a day #32

Happy Easter! It will just be my mom joining three of us tomorrow but I think we will have plenty of food! Ham, rolls, potato salad, jello eggs, deviled eggs, bbq green beans, and bunny cake and I'm sure some misc. things too, pickles, olives, etc.

Today I finished all the things I wanted to get done on spring break so that feels good. I also started getting ready for the retreat. I'm going to Palouse Divide Lodge (Sharon had asked). It's about an hour and a half from here, it used to be a ski hill. We have a small group so we will be in the old lodge but the meals are in the main lodge. We have booked the same weekend with another group for the third year in a row and we have a joint show and tell Saturday night.

My friend Sharon has a top I assembled on her blog for today. Check it out!

Since it's Easter tomorrow today's feature is my Easter quilts. The first one is a round robin from several years ago. I was thrilled with this one. I had to stand in my laundry room to take the picture since it's hanging in the hallway. The quilt hanger is straight it really is! The second quilt is small and one I purchased one finished at a UFO auction for $5. I quilted it, added some beads and bound it with a dimensional strip next to the border.

Giveaway winner!

We have a winner in the "guess how many quilts" contest from a couple days ago. It is Liz who guessed 149. The correct answer is 156. I had another person who submitted a second guess of 150, but I went with her first one (sorry Val!). Liz, I wrote to you to get your address, so watch for my e-mail.

I enjoyed all the guesses. Additionally I have 67 quilts spread around the house that were not in the closet. I have 4 on my bed alone! I have racks, shelves, 6 beds, tons of wall space for quilts, etc. It helps to have a big house without other stuff for decoration! I have given away a lot of quilts so I guess all in all I have made a lot of quilts over the years!

I really should compile the pictures and lists in a better organization system. I was really, really good when I first started quilting, but as the years went by my pictures fell to not being organized. I have boxes of pictures of my kids too, but this is a sad state when I have more pics of quilts than I do my kids!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Quilt a day #31

Last night and this morning I pin basted a quilt belonging to Jo for quilting. I am excited to see a block I made in it!. Check out her blog post to see a picture of it, it's the first quilt. My block is the second block down in the middle, a potato surrounded by delectable mountain blocks.

I am going on a quilt retreat next Thursday and a year ago I made my Canyon Dance quilt top and I have decided to machine quilt it at this retreat. People like to watch me quilt on my regular machine (although I do have a Pfaff Grand Quilter now). I didn't have backing so today I got out a bunch of the fabrics/colors in the top and made a pieced backing as shown below. I just threw it up on my design wall to take a photo. The quilt top measures 94.5" X 104.5" so of course the backing is bigger. Yikes! That's going to be a monster to quilt! Here is a refresher on the quilt top.Here is the backing thrown up on my design wall and it's way too big. My design wall is 7'H X 8'W.Here is a finished quilt, MUCH smaller! The blocks are 4" or 4 1/2" high. I can't remember the occasion I made this but there was something going on at my guild and I just made my blocks smaller.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Quilt a day #30

I'm loving all the guesses for how many quilts I have in my closet! One person is pretty close but I'm not going to say who! I am waiting to see who wins to customize a squishie for them. I counted all the quilts currently on display or piled on beds in my house this morning and then promptly forgot!

I am completely fascinated by the eggs my friend Sharon "tie dyed" today. Check out her April 1st blog post.

This quilt is not one I intended to make, nor bought fabric for. My friends Deb and Vicki conspired to make this for me. However Vicki passed away before they did anything more than get the fabric. At the same time Deb wasn't doing much quilting and although she traced a couple of the blocks and had one fused, she ended up sending me everything so I made the quilt and quilted it myself! I absolutely love it, being purple is my favorite color! It's currently hanging at the top of my stairwell.