Monday, March 09, 2020

Patriotic Quilt Finish and a Few Tops

I made a few more quilt tops for my friend's shop, Your Best Friends Quilt Shop, I will show at the end, but I also had a start to finish this past weekend!  I have a non-quilting friend, who wanted to make a quilt for her son in patriotic colors.  He was in the military for many years and was in the Reserves and called up a couple of times.  It is not an official Quilt of Valor though.  She bought the fabrics and had a basic design idea and I made that quilt a couple years ago in queen size.

She had leftover fabric and wanted to make a quilt for her grandson who is currently serving.  She cut a bunch of 5 pointed stars but then didn't know what to do.  She brought everything to me and I had this panel.  She loved it and I designed around it, fusing 1/4" wide fusible web to the stars and blanket stitching them.  Fortunately she had a large piece of red and I was able to use only her fabric, other than the panel.  The 4 corners are a fabric her mother had had and I had included some of it in the previous quilt.  I pieced and appliqued it Saturday and quilted and bound it Sunday.  I do all my quilting free motion on a domestic machine with a 9" throat area

 Spring is coming!  There is still a little snow in our woods and I can't wait for leaves to come out on the trees!

Here are the tops I quilted for the quilt shop.

This quilt uses a cloth book panel cut up.  Closeup is below.

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