Monday, November 13, 2017

Retreat Time!

This past weekend I went to a quilt retreat at Palouse Divide Lodge, one of my favorite spots for retreating.  The views out of the lodge are fabulous.  This photo is midday with the larch trees changing color.

I worked on three quilt tops.  This one will be a gift for a person who likes earth tones and curvy things.  It is from the book Color Shuffle by Karla Alexander.  I have wanted to make a quilt from this book for a long time.  I need to even up the edges and add a border of some type.

 This is one of the blocks.  They are set on point.  This was very fun to sew!
This is a quilt for nephew my sister has commissioned me to make.  The pattern is Labyrinth Walk.  I need to add borders to make it queen size so that will take a bit of figuring, not something I do at retreat.
I mentioned I worked on three quilt tops.  Well.... I was sewing the final rows together on the third one when I became ill Saturday night.  Several of the quilters had arrived Monday and I didn't arrive until Thursday evening.  Throughout the week over half of us were sick.  The group that left Sunday had norovirus we found out later.  It's not confirmed our group contracted it, but it is very contagious.  Thankfully my friends were able to pack up my stuff and load my car and tried to figure out how to get me home Sunday.  I said I could drive, it was only an hour and 15 minutes.  I made it, but it was rough!  I took today off work and feel much better.  I finally managed to unload my car and my husband won't let me in the kitchen.  That makes me feel so sad!  😉😏

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Monday, November 06, 2017

Baby Quilts and a Finished Top

This is a continuation of last week's post.  I quilted the two baby quilts and went to two showers.  There were two of us that were at both showers.  One was a cute little girl shower and my son's friends were thrilled to see me.  Their baby Annadelle is due in December.  I did find binding in my stash that coordinated.
flannel backing
Sunday afternoon I went to a baby boy shower for a young couple in our area.  I have known the father all his life and used to babysit him when he was young!  He is a young farmer and my husband has been mentoring him.  I have know the mom's family for a long time too.  I used minkie on the back and found a blue stripe in my stash for binding.  Baby Carter is due in December.

Both quilts were quilted simply with free motion squiggles.

 I have the top together for my Square Dance quilt from the book Strip Your Stash.  I will have to audition a binding from my stash when I get it quilted.
Square Dance from Strip Your Stash
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