Friday, July 10, 2009

Will I Ever Catch Up?

Life is so complicated right now it seems. Good and bad. In June I was gone for almost two weeks traveling and having a spectacular time! Here are a couple pictures of my trip to New York. Three days in city area and 3 days in the West Point area where my nephew reported on the 29th. More details on that later. Before that I was on my 25th anniversary trip with my husband in Canada. I have pics of that trip also.Here I am at the Statue of Liberty.One of the many gorgeous views of part of West Point and the Hudson River.

My dad passed away on July 4th so I have been doing a lot with helping with that. We are having a Memorial "party" on July 18th. Dad didn't like funerals (but went to tons of them) and liked parties so that is what we are doing. More of a celebration of life. Dad was ill and had no hope, it just wasn't expected that he would go when he did, but it was a blessing. He is free of the intense pain he was suffering.

I have a new Pfaff Grand Quilter and it's still in the box!