Sunday, August 24, 2014

August UFO #24

I'm gearing up for back to school meetings this week, we actually start back with students Sept. 2.  We have done a big clea nout of a lot of areas in our little school over the summer.  Two classrooms, a gym and a former apartment, now storage makes up the whole building!  Oh and a small kitchen.  I still have a bit of organizing left for my kindergarten and first graders.

This is... you guessed it... another old UFO top.  I was in a LOT of round robins/block robins/block robins, even vest robins for a few years, more than 25 of them.  We kept the U.S. mail hopping back then!  This was a block robin and yes, I need to quilt it, like so many other tops in my collection!  I love basket blocks and will need to get this done... someday!

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Mary said...

I love the colors in this set of Basket Blocks. I have a set of Purple Baskets from a Guild Lotto that I need to finish- thanks for the reminders.