Sunday, August 17, 2014

August UFO #17

Today I worked on cleaning out jars I brought home yesterday.  Doug dug trenches in the garden for me to dump the stuff in and the last load is in the dishwasher.  Lots and lots of jars!  The quarts are going to my mom for the senior citizen fundraisers they do of soup mix in a jar.

I have slacking in having time to sew lately.  Have I mentioned the mess I have made pulling out these UFO's to photograph for this blog?  Tomorrow I must clean!

This is yet another old UFO.  I think it's from 2000 or 2001.  I started this as a raffle quilt but obviously didn't finish.  I was shocked when I pulled it out.  I had no idea it was circular at this point and I do have the border units pieced.  It's a matter of adding pieces to make it have straight edges.  According to the picture I am also posting, finished it would be 92 X 92.  I hope I have enough of the black to actually make it rectangular, longer than 92.  I do love the colors and I adore batiks!  I guess I had good taste back then!


Melissa said...

you've always had a great eye! Do you have the rounded part cut yet? It seems like once you get past that part, this would be a quick finish. Or it would make a cute table cloth :) You could have impressed Lou Ann and told her you whipped this one up in an afternoon! LOL!

Mary said...

Pretty Colors! Love the Turquoise and Purples together. With almost all of your UFO's I want to cut out a new quilt or get my UFO's out to finish too. The 2nd thought is the better idea of the two. I think if I can finish a few Flimsies that are just waiting to be quilted, I can sell them at the Quilt show. Are you working on any of these yet?

Judy D in WA said...

OhMyGosh Julie, this is gorgeous. It's fun to see your UFOs. Keep parading them and eventually one of them will jump up under your needle.