Saturday, August 09, 2014

August UFO #9

This was a block robin from quite a few years ago.  I did a LOT of internet swapping in the late 90's and early 00's and I mean a LOT!  That is whey I have so many unfinished projects I think!  I sent a few fabrics and said I wanted Christmas theme blocks.  I love the challenge of putting together odd size blocks but I ran out of the red between the blocks and had to really work hard to figure out the borders.  I finally found a red that was similar colored.


Mary said...

I don't have any blocks that I got to SWAP with you. WASIQ wasn't doing the SWAN swaps after I joined. I have a bunch of Block Swaps from a few other Yahoo groups to put together. Next Retreat I'll take one of those and get it sewn. That will be easier than making a bunch of Blocks. The Chain piecing was tedious at retreat.

Cindy said...

This Christmas ufo looks great. I love the look of samplers with different sized blocks.
I'm having fun reading through all your posts. I've been on've been posting....lots to read! :)