Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Neutral Twin Quilts

Two posts in one week, I'm on a roll!  My birthday was yesterday, July 29th.  I am trying to set some fitness goals, but I personally really dislike exercise.  With my foot issue I can't run, but I have been walking so I I did my morning walk.  I got to spend quite a bit of the day in my quilt room.  It is so much cooler in my basement room than the rest of the house.  Harvest started Monday so Doug had a long day in the field cutting wheat.  I LOVE to go out to dinner, but that won't happen until there is a break so I made potato salad and BBQ chicken.  Can I say food allergies are the pits?  I would love to eat dairy and eggs, but they are not good on my sinuses.  I ended up sewing the last borders on one quilt today. Both quilts were supposedly cut out for my retreat last weekend, but I didn't have all the pieces nor the extra fabric!  Both quilts are twin size and will go in my basement rec room, aka old sewing room.  I need to liven up that room a bit.
Mocha Meringue Fabric, pattern was free from Marcus Fabrics to go with the line.

Pattern is "It's Good to be Square" but I made double the amount of blocks.


Mary said...

If you lived closer I would have taken out for your Birthday. I'm happy for you to Blog again his week. What will you finish next?
I love my Basement Quilt Zone.

Melissa said...

yah on both tops being finished! The Good To Be Square one reminds me of the BQ pattern, I really like it! I'm glad to see you posting more too :)

Sally said...

Great quilts! I'm working my way through older stash (browns) and both patterns are possibilities.