Wednesday, August 06, 2014

August UFO #6

Swap Blocks from Washington State Internet Quilters.  We had an annual block swap of 9" blocks for a few years and I accumulated quite a few blocks!  This is the wildlife/tree version.  I included two photos as I couldn't get the whole quilt top in one picture.  It's queen size.  I have another top and had already made one quilt from the swap blocks.


Mary said...

These Swap Blocks are so Creative! I only have a few of these from the swaps I was in. I don't see mine in here.

Judy D in WA said...

Great blocks, great setting.

Cindy said...

I think I still have my blocks as ufo's too! You are inspiring me to get them out and get a quilt done. I loved that swap and really would enjoy cuddling with a wasiq quilt.