Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quilt a day #24

My husband borrowed my laptop today and that was tough on me! LOL I was able to check my mail on his desktop, so I wasn't in total withdrawal!

I have to go to one conference in the morning and then I'm on vacation until April 5th! Quilting here I come!

This quilt is one I made a few years ago for a friend. She had wanted to make one when Pat Sloan did a swap on her list (my friend was a moderator on Pat's yahoo group) but Vicki was undergoing cancer treatment. I made this quilt and sent it to her and she was thrilled to pieces. Unfortunately Vicki lost her battle and I hope someone in her family is enjoying her quilt. Vicki did want me to have her Featherweight and her sister knew that and contacted me after her passing. I just had to pay shipping of $25 and I got it! Her sister threw in a bunch of projects and fabric of Vicki's also. I wish I had a closeup of this quilt!


Mary said...

What kind of swap did Pat Sloan do on her list for the quilt you show?
It is a very pretty quilt. I hope you put a label on it so the family knows about the great friend who made it for their relative. See you in a day or so at the Tri-City Quilt show.

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely thing for you to do for your friend - and how nice that you have her FW. Very colorful quilt.