Monday, March 22, 2010

Quilt a day #22

Today was just the usual stuff, work, chores around the house, etc. I am mailing off three tops to the American Hero project tomorrow so those are today's photos.

The first one was a New Year's mystery on one of my yahoo groups. I finally got the borders on it Sunday, although it was pieced on New Year's weekend!The next one I started quite a while ago. I purchased a box of precut plaid strips in various widths at a UFO auction for $5. They were intended for a pineapple quilt, but I just made a string pieced quilt out of them. There are enough strips for another one. I finished the quilt top this past week and got the borders on.The last one is a packet of charm squares my friend Tamra sent me. They finish at 6" and I sewed them together randomly along with a few more squares I had to cut to make the top big enough. I like the effect of this quilt with the browns added.


Tink said...

These so warm my heart! Julie dear you are amazing~ Loving the inspiration.

Mary said...

Quick way to use up a charm pack. It's all about color placement. I like how the R W & B quilts look. So nice of you help out there. Enjoy your spring Break.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! So glad the charms worked out so well! You're fab... and fast! :) Good for you and your efforts for AHQ! One of these days... :)