Thursday, March 11, 2010

quilt a day #11

I'm trying to get this done early today since I have a guild meeting tonight. I think I got carried away on gathering up quilts for my trunk show. I had to take several out. I have two suitcases and a quilt carry bag to take. I figure it will be good practice just in case I ever get invited anywhere to show quilts!

We celebrated pi day today, since we won't be at school Sunday. Lisa and Brad will be on college spring break next week and Lisa asked if we had the ingredients for pie, since Sunday is pi day. Yes, I have math geeks for family members!

This first quilt is one I got a kit for at our local quilt show several years ago. I had made up the top and had it, but it's not really me. My brother desperately wanted a new quilt and even though I didn't have their name that year I gave it to him at Christmas anyway, a year early! It took pressure off to make something the next year!The next quilt is one I gave to my other brother and SIL. I did have their name that same year and SIL wanted a red/white/blue quilt star quilt, in the darker tones. Oh I just figured out the year I made these two, it was 2006.This is one of three Laura in Redwork wallhangings I made and gave them as gifts. I had hoped to get one back on my friend's recent passing (my friend made me say which quilts I had made that I wanted back), but I didn't get it. That's fine, I still have the pattern!


Sharon T in Lynden said...

You make such big quilts! I love all your use of color. What happened to the red quilt? I hope someone who will love it, has it.
Enjoy your show. I just firmed up a speaking gig in Puyallup for November. I'm also doing my program in Bellevue in June. It's really fun.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wonderful colors - lucky recipients. I love the redwork one especially.

Nikki said...

Hey! That's my quilt! I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

I am loving your quilt a day posts. It's so much fun to see your quilts!

Jeanne said...

Love your virtual trunk show!

Melissa said...

Hey I know that quilt! :-) I am getting ready to hang it back up again, I love it so much! I love your virtual quilt show, Spud... Are you printing out your post entries to keep in a book?