Friday, April 14, 2006

Spud's Excellent Quilting Adventure

Trying to get into blogging
I started this blog and then promptly abandoned it. I finally remembered my password to get back in and I'm going to really try to learn how to do things with it now (she says hopefully). I still haven't figured out how to add a picture, that is next on my agenda. I have some quilting pictures to share.

This week I managed to set together my local guild's raffle quilt for next year. It is an Outdoor Idaho theme and all the blocks were different sizes so it was left to me to set it together since I have presented programs on how to accomplish that. The group loved it last night, so I was thrilled about that.

I have two kids in track and I have made it to all their meets but one so far. The team lost a lot of fast seniors last year and there are only about 10 girls total on the team so it's pretty slim for them to have relays. My daughter has won the triple jump twice this season so far.

I have two of my machines in Spokane for repair and it's slow going on machine quilting without them. I do my piecing on a Pfaff 2040, and my quilting on a Janome 6500, with a 23 year old Pfaff 1214 for backup. At a retreat in March the Janome just totally died, stalled out, froze up, etc with the needle down. It was less than a year old and I have yet to get the machine back and the store lost the foot control and cord but said it wasn't brought it. Big mess, so we going halves on a new set. In the meantime, thinking I was getting the Janome back I took the 1214 in for a checkup and to have some worn out parts replaced. It's kind of like sending your kids away from home from the first time, my machines are special to me and it's been hard to focus without them!

So this doesn't get too long I will stop now and go clean my house! Oh yeah, that sounds exciting!

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