Saturday, September 22, 2018

Blogger's Quilt Festival

This is my first time participating in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

I am entering my latest finish, my Baltimore Spring quilt.  This was purchased as a laser cut kit, but most of the pieces were just scored, not actually cut.  I sat at a quilt retreat for four days and cut apart and fused the blocks inside the border.  I did the border after I got home.  Then I rolled it up on a large tube I had on hand and it sat.  I finally decided to stitch down the appliques in August.

I used a variety of threads, mostly Superior Fantastico.  I machine quilted it Labor Day weekend.  I can't believe it is finished!  I added a hanging sleeve to the back as it will be hung in my home on a quilt hanger a friend's husband made me.

Closeup  detail photos.

 I entered the quilt in our local county fair a couple weeks ago.  We have about 10,000 people in the county, and the fair and Lumberjack Days are a big event in town in mid September.  I won Best of Show and the photo below is hanging at the fair.
The third weekend in September is another fair an hour away.  Residents from surrounding counties can enter that fair, which is unlike our county fair.  I was surprised to win Best of Show again!  I also received Best in Class and Superintendent's Choice.  They put all the quilts behind plastic to keep people from touching them.  It doesn't make for good photography!

The most popular question I get asked is "How long did it take?"  I really should keep track sometime, but then again, that might take the fun out of it!  I am quilting obsessed and I think I will get back to piecing for awhile!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Panel Wallhanging Gone Wrong, but Fixed!

Several years ago I bought a panel that had two different large flowers.  The designer was Stephanie Brandenburg.  I loved the sunflower and made up the wallhanging using thread painting.  I ended up buying more of the panels and making them up for gifts but somehow I don't have pictures.  I did not have any problems quilting any of them.  I had one panel left and decided to quilt it up.  OH MY.  Distortion, distortion.  I think it is because I did not stabilize the flower first and then fill in with stitching.   Here is the sunflower I did without any issues.

I don't have pictures of my problem wallhanging in progress.   I had done a LOT of threadwork in the center and it was so wavy I thought there was no way I could get it to lie flat filling in the background.  I finally decided if I trimmed out the flower portion I could applique it to a new background.  I had to fuss with it a bit to get it to lay flat, but I managed to satin stitch it.  The background is made up of some leftovers from another project with some blue added for accent.  I am thrilled with the way it turned out and it finishes at 24 X 24.  I used two kinds of yarn with an overlay of tulle in the center.  If only I could take straight pictures!

embellished poppy panel

stitching closeup
I hand couched red embroidery floss next to the binding for an accent.

 I started a new one block wonder quilt.  I started with 7 of these panels, six of them are cut up and sewn into half hexagon ready to place around this panel.  I am anxious to see how it turns out.  It is a great memory of our snorkeling trip in Hawaii.

Our county fair is this week and I am entering six quilts, two of them wallhangings. 

I am linking up with Design Wall Monday.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Quilters Meet and Greet

Click on the graphic to meet other quilters!  I am happy to be part of this Quilters Meet and Greet.

Hello from Idaho!  I have been quilting for 31 years.  I always say it's all my husband's fault.  We moved to Idaho for the summer to help out on the family farm and he told me I had to go to his mother's weekly hand quilting group.  I had a baby and the youngest person was in her early 60's.  I went to the group off and on that summer and I learned to hand quilt before piecing anything.  Over the years I hand quilted many quilts, but it's been years since I have now.  I just don't have an interest anymore.  

This is one of my early quilts, from a class in 1988.  Hand quilted!  It's faded and well used.

I have been called a prolific quilter.  Who ME?  Yes.  I discovered quilting magazines early on and PBS quilting shows.  I learned everything I could and tried every technique!  I made quilts for family and friends and in 1998 I started doing block swaps on the internet.  Wow, I got addicted!  I never had an unfinished project until then (okay it had only been ten years).  I still have a couple projects from the those swaps not finished!  

I was a charter member of a quilt guild that formed in 1993 and I have belonged to several yahoo groups, and now Facebook groups.  I do spend an amazing amount of time in my quilt room, even though I work full time at a school.  I do enjoy my summers off!  Click HERE to go to my blog post about my reorganized quilt room with pictures!  Peruse my previous posts for inspiration as well.

My favorite quilt to date does not even use my favorite color of purple!  It's my Fire Island Hosta.  It's a pattern by Judy Niemeyer and uses mostly Artisan Shimmer fabrics.  I machine quilted it myself on my Pfaff Grand Quilter.

One of my other favorite quilts is my Finger Lakes Log Cabin quilt.  The pattern is by Judy Martin and it is NOT paper pieced.  Some of the pieces finish at 1/4" wide!  I think it has 5,206 pieces.  

Here is a collage of a few of my other favorite quilts. Since I have made close to 500 quilts from minis to wallhangings, to throw size to king I have a lot of favorites.  I have about 250 quilts in my house.  I donate a lot and gift a lot of quilts.  I need to finish even more and find homes for them.

I hope you will continue to follow my quilting adventures and visit other bloggers in this meet and greet.  Click on the link below to enter a contest for prizes!

Monday, September 03, 2018

Finished Baltimore Spring quilt!

After many, many hours of stitching this past week I finished my Baltimore Spring quilt.  I stitching every evening after work and all day Friday and Saturday.  Saturday evening I applied binding.  I added a hanging sleeve as it will go onto a quilt hanger a friend's husband made me.  It's a bit heavier than I had hoped and I need to block it I think, but it's done!

Baltimore Spring


I started cutting up panels for a One Block Wonder and will have that on my design wall soon!

Be sure and check out my blog tomorrow for a special post and and links to many other bloggers for a meet and greet!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Machine Quilting/Applique

A few months ago I finished this top.
It was a laser cut kit from Keepsake Quilting.  The pieces were just fused, not stitched.  I got it out this past week to start stitching.  I layered the top with just one layer of Quilter's Dream Request loft batting and nothing else and I have been free motion stitching around the edges, changing colors of thread.  I am using a lot of Superior Fantastico thread.  

There were some VERY, VERY thin vines that wouldn't fuse well and when I tried stitching I had a huge mess.  I kept going (stupidly) and finally decided I could not live with it.  I worked hard to get all the vines out from under one row of stitching.  Then I decided to just free motion stitch a stem.  I like it so much better!

 The cherry stems are just drawn on, but I will stitch over them and make it connected!  I still have lots of stitching to go!

After I finish this part, I will add another layer of the Request loft batting and backing and stitch all the background.  That is going to take time too!

It was back to work today,  I always forget that we really do have a lot of rules and routines!

Linking up with Design Wall Monday.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Retreat Projects

Last week I was at a quilt retreat hosted by Quilt Treasures.  I worked on 4 different projects.  I didn't have a lot of space, sharing a 6 foot table and no room to set up my little ironing table as I was on the inside so I sewed as many blocks together as I could.

Since I have been home I have assembled all the tops and added borders.

The first project I worked on was a batik throw quilt called Rip Tide.  I had purchased a kit, but exchanged out some of the fabrics.  This was a pattern by Karla Alexander where you stack up fabrics, slice them apart, move fabrics in your stacks and resew them.  It was fun and nothing to match up!  I loved that!
Rip Tide throw size
The next project I worked on was my 1930's Farmer's Wife.  I am a Farmer's wife, but samplers are not my favorite.  I also have the regular Farmer's Wife quilt in progress.  I am not sure what I was thinking!  Anyway I had 21 blocks done and there are 99 in the book.  I lost the CD with templates and I decided to do the lap size setting in the book and needed 32 blocks.  I went through and kitted up 11 blocks and got those sewn and I had precut the setting triangles.  I added a narrow border and I have a quilt top ready for quilting!

six inch block closeup  LOTS of pieces
Next I worked on a disappearing 4 patch.  I had a bunch of bright 10" squares and thought I would make a throw quilt for a gift.  I got all the blocks done, but couldn't lay them out at retreat.  After I assembled the quilt top at home, I HATED it!  It was too much, too intense, too something.  It was an 8 X 10 block setting.  I had decided on the alternating design, but I think I should have set it together like Ramona did.  I decided since it was too big for what I wanted, that if I split the quilt top in half it would work better and it does!  I added a border from fabric on hand and now I have two nice lap sized quilt tops!
disappearing 4 patches

The last project I worked on at retreat was a Scrappy Trip Around the World.  The pattern is found on Quiltville's site.  I had a bundle of Bonnie and Camille's Vintage Holiday fabric.  I just loved the pinks and aquas.  I added a few other fabrics and since I am not a true scrappy quilt lover, I made sure reds went through the center.  I am still contemplating a border or not.

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Scrappy trip closeup - sometimes matching fabrics came together!

School starts back up Monday.  I have worked this week and have open house tonight, but then have the rest of the week off. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Triangles and a Gift

I didn't accomplish much this week since I was busy prepping for quilt camp.  However I did sew together the cutoff triangles from the quilt in my last post and decided to make a tablerunner.

I received this amazing wallhanging from my friend Melissa.  I am thrilled with it! 

Excuse the unedited photos.  I am on my phone and away from home at quilt camp!  I forgot to edit them before doing my blog post!

Idaho Quilter's Adventures