Monday, November 23, 2015

Quilting Fun

I went to quilt retreat a couple weeks ago and had a great time with 28 other women.  We don't have cell service there so I left my phone off and didn't take another camera and didn't get to capture some of the gorgeous tops made.  It is always very inspiring.  This time I worked on a pattern called Snippets by Colorway.  I had purchased the "Jingle" line of fabric in July and in September found a pattern that worked and added some odds and ends of other lines that coordinated.  This is a new queen size quilt top for Christmas and although I got tired of making triangles I love it!  It's so bright and fun with the aqua added to traditional colors.  It really does lay flat, but I had it folded and didn't take time to press it.
I have been participating in a BOM from Turning Twenty called Seeing Stars for a few months.  I am caught up on the blocks.  Every other week you make one identical 12" and one 6" block.  I had signed up for the free BOM and have managed to print off the patterns on time!
Seeing Stars

I was caught up on my 1930 Farmer's Wife quilt blocks until they announced two new ones today!  I'm loving how bright and fun these six inch blocks are.  

1930 Farmer's Wife

 I bit the bullet, I wasn't going to... but Quiltville's new mystery colors are awesome!  They are far from my normal, but I love them and decided to go for it.  I need a bit more background, but I am loving the colors.  I even got the color cards, just because I was actually in a Lowe's shortly after the colors were released.  The closest Lowe's is 3 hours away and I forgot to put the cards in the pic.

I did some machine quilting I will show after the recipient receives it! 

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Monday, November 02, 2015

It's Monday

I have good intentions to post more during the week, but I don't get to it!

I finally put borders on a couple quilt tops I have had hanging around.  I mentioned this quilt and showed it without a border in this post.
Northern Cardinals

I showed this quilt in progress in August.  It was intended as a charity quilt, but I'm no longer involved in the organization I was going to donate it to.  It is queen sized and I will eventually quilt it, then decide what to do with it.  I was going for a more masculine type quilt.

I got caught up on my Quiltmaker Itty Bitty blocks through October.  I realized that I messed up on the sashing when I went back and looked at my notes. The quilt is getting so long and I have two more months to add on.  I meant to cut the sashing strips at 1.5", instead they finish at 1.5".  YIKES!  I will have to do some fancy work on the sides to widen the quilt.  November's block was announced today on the Quilty Pleasures blog.
Quiltmaker Itty Bitty Blocks
 I had leftover strips from making a quilt featured on this post.  I put them together into a throw size quilt top.  I have no idea what I will do with this one either as my couches are definitely not in this color way!  Gray, aqua and coral are popular right now, but I'm not redecorating.  I just love the gray print I put with the stirps.
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Monday, October 26, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Time sure flies!  I forgot to post my Scrap Squad quilt.  Click the link and you will see my blog post about the process of making it. There is a lot of piecing in this quilt but I love the purple!  I named it Violets.

I have been working on many small projects, trying to tidy up some leftover blocks and pieces for doll quilts for charity.  I got borders on my Christmas quilt, cut out more Itty Bitty blocks and started plotting for a quilt retreat in November.  I went to a quilt show Oct. 17th in Spokane, WA.  It was awesome and very inspiring.  I hope to do a blog post on that soon.    

These are two doll quilt tops I made from pieces of Scrap Squad projects.  The green and white one is from a trial of adding green squares into the above quilt.  The one on the right is from leftover Fairy Frost fabrics from my Gemstones quilt I showed in this post.  Now if I could learn to take straight photos...  
doll quilt tops for charity
We went on a road trip to Utah last week.  1300 miles and 2 nights at our daughter's in Boise and 2 nights at our daughter's in Utah (and visiting our amazing grandkids in Utah) was a quick but fun trip.  I had started this project quite some time ago and at the Spokane quilt show I found the Pacific Rim Quilts booth.  It reminded me of this quilt and I went to a friend's to sew one afternoon and took this project.  It is now completely appliqued since my husband did most of the driving on our trip.  I can't wait to quilt it... someday...
In July I was in McCall, ID and purchased some lovely fabric from the Jingle line at Huckleberry Patches quilt shop.  I love the aqua and red!  I was there in September and bought background and border along with a pattern I found pictured below.  I added a couple pieces from the Daysail line in the stash too.

Snippets pattern I found that fit the fabrics perfectly!  I love the classic look of this, although I may get tired of triangles!  It will be a perfect retreat project in November.


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Monday, October 12, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Last week I finished quilting and binding my next quilt for the Quiltmaker Scrap Squad.  My post should go live on Friday and then I will be able to share what I made out of the purple strips from the last post!

My daughter and her husband visited over the weekend so we spent time trying to introduce their dog to our two dogs (not very successfully) but fortunately our dogs are mostly outside and hers is mostly inside!  I didn't get any quilting done but we had a lot of fun playing games.

Today I got caught up on the 1930's Farmers Wife Quilt blocks.  Well, actually I made all six of them that have been assigned via Gnome Angel's website.  This is not my normal style of fabric, but I think they are fun.

On my design wall I put up some leader/ender blocks I have been working on for a few weeks.  I am using batik scraps to make a charity quilt.  It will be bigger, but it's fun to see what the quilt will look like.  I will have to decide on sashing.

I am also machine quilting a project I can't show yet!

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Design Wall Monday and Retreat

It's been a super busy last few weeks.  We had our county fair, a family get together, work and a quilt retreat!  I finished another t-shirt quilt this month and delivered it for a Christmas gift.  I will take a chance on my boss not reading my blog.  She brought me a huge bag of her son's t-shirts and sweatshirts to make her a quilt from, but her parents were the ones paying me.  I love designing t-shirt quilt layouts.  This one was loosely based on a quilt I saw in Quiltmaker magazine this year.  I added a bit of pink here and there complement the one pink t-shirt!  For some odd reason the edges ruffled a bit, I think it's the polyester batting and not basting the edges together before binding.

I went on a quilt retreat in beautiful McCall, Idaho last weekend.  The hostesses, Corrie and Des are a sister duo that go all out for a wonderful time for Craft Taffy retreats..  The best part was my friend Valerie flying to Idaho from Colorado.  She and I shared a room and had a lot of fun.  This is the first quilt I worked on.  The colors are very different from my usual style.  Aqua, gray and coral.  The pattern is called Cotton Candy and it's about twin size.

There was a nice railing to hang quilts over.  These are some of the quilts others worked on.

Views of the kitchen where Des and Corrie made wonderful food and of the sewing area.  A little of it is out of view.

Kathy taught a Lone Star quilt class that several people worked on.  I did not take the class, but the results were stunning.  I have made Lone Star quilts before, but never out of a jelly roll!  Kathy did an awesome job teaching!  Check out her blog for lots of fun retreat photos at: kathystitchbystitch
 Flowers down the street.
 A young deer following it's mother.  I'm used to lighter colored white tail deer in my yard.
Beautiful Payette Lake at sunset.  Paddleboarders went by and the lake was cold, but one of our group couldn't resist jumping in the lake.  Some of us were tempted, but it was a ways to walk back to the lodge in wet clothes!

This is a preview of my next Quiltmaker Scrap Squad quilt.  Purples!  I slightly overcut on the purple strips, but they will be used in a border.  I can't show any of the blocks yet!

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Monday, September 07, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I have nothing on my design wall!  I have the quilt top that was up there the last two weeks sewn together and I'm in the process of adding borders.  I had hoped to have it done but this weekend, but the weekend did not turn out how I had hoped. I work part time at a school and we started school last week.  There were a couple girls who missed school already and Friday night I started getting sick.  I had a flu like bug, fever, chills, headache, backacke, head cold, sore throat, and now a cough.  It hasn't been a fun weekend, but hopefully this will be it for the year!  I had even asked the pharmacist Tuesday about getting a flu shot, but since I'm allergic to eggs he couldn't do it.  I have never been someone to get the shot and now I don't know if I should pursue it or not!

I did get a lot of cutting done this weekend for some upcoming projects.  I have my newest Scrap Squad quilt cut out, but can't show that and I cut up some batiks from some charity quilts.  A few months ago I picked up Fons & Porter's Quilting Quickly because I loved the cover quilt for a scrappy quilt.
inspiration quilt photo from Quilting Quickly May/June 2015
 I decided to do one in purples.  I have a "few" purple batiks.
 Then I cut strips for a fall themed quilt.  Generally I don't do the same pattern more than once, but this seemed like it would be simple and fun.  These are definitely not my colors!
 My order from the The Fat Quarter shop came!  I am joining in on the 1930's Farmers Wife Sew Along starting Sept. 28th and they put together this bundle.  I will use Kona white as my background. Now does it matter that I haven't finished my Farmer's Wife blocks or My Farm Girl Vintage blocks? Of course not, I'm a sucker for sew alongs, but rarely keep up.   I am taking my Farm Girl Vintage blocks on retreat with me in a couple weeks.

I am also working on another t-shirt quilt, this time for my boss.  This one will be different from the one I showed last week with a scrappy setting.  I have the t-shirts prepared with interfacing.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Design Wall Monday and Scrap Squad posting

My design wall is exactly the same.  I haven't touched the blue and green charity quilt from last week. However, I had school district meetings and made a t-shirt quilt from start to finish.  This is being made as a favor for someone and there are lots of Fire related t-shirts as the person was on fire crews. The quilt turned out to be a wide throw.  The sashing is lightweight denim and I didn't take a picture of the pine cone flannel on the back.  I used a lightweight polyester batting and it's still pretty heavy. I did very simple straight line stitching in the sashing and then custom quilted in each t-shirt print with matching threads so not cover up the print.

My big news is last week my quilt was featured on the Quiltmaker Quilty Pleasures blog!  It was a fun quilt to make and one I hadn't been able to show that I worked on.  Check out the blog for my post, but here is the quilt.
Deb's Oriental Garden

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