Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Decorating and Quilts

Be prepared, this is a long post!  I took a bunch of photos of some of the Christmas things I have on display currently.  There are a lot of things on walls and on shelves that I didn't photograph, like my collection of Christmas mugs and salt and pepper shakers!

Here is my tree.  Very traditional, lots of memento ornaments.  I made the tree skirt in 2006.

Old fashioned phone that actually worked until recently between my in-laws house, our shop and our house.
 Santa made by a friend.
 Tablerunner that I hung on the wall!
 My pewter tree with mini ornaments from my mom and other relatives and friends.
 An old nativity set that I love.
Stockings, even though we aren't having anyone here this year.  One of these days we are going to replace the 20 year old fireplace doors with something prettier.
Christmas village on top of my grandmother's Howard piano, circa 1895.  She was born in 1899 and the story is that she traded a cow for this piano in 1910.  It's been in various places since and needs refinishing but the piano tuner said it's in good shape considering all it's been through!
 Small Christmas village, mostly pieces my mother in law gave me as gifts.  Part 1.
 Part 2.  I have a harder time hiding cords on this one.  It's on my built in china hutch.
 Dining room light.  I LOVE purple.  This year I decided I was going to do some purple!  I swirled craft paint in glass bulbs to make the ornaments and found the others on clearance last year.
 A mini white tree with purple ornaments on my dining table under the light, with purple lights in the window.  I found this all on clearance last year too!
 Another wall in the dining room.  It doesn't coordinate with the purple but I love my toile quilt and snowmen collection.
 Stairwell with a nativity quilt and my lame' fabric angel wallhanging.
 Family room wall.  A friend gave me the shelf hangers.  Santas are on this one with my one block wonder quilt.
 My Jim Shore mini nativity.  I LOVE the quilt designs painted on the figures and I have some of his ornaments.
 A scrappy shoo fly quilt from many years ago along with a wall-hanging made by a friend.  This one I put on my daughter Lisa's bed.
Sorry about the light streak on it, the sun was shining through the closed blinds!  This is a sampler I made in 1995.  My guild members made blocks and I came up with this setting and made a swag border and it is hand quilted!  This is in my daughter Amy's room.
 Snowman collector quilt.  I made this quite a few years ago.  It's on the bed in my son's old room, which my grandkids have taken over.
 My Snippets quilt I finished earlier this year!  I love these bright cheery fabrics from Bonnie and Camille.  This was in my daughter Amy's room, even though it's the bed quilt in my room for the season.  I just didn't want to clean off my nightstand!
A wallhanging made by a friend many years ago.  I made her one as well.  We sent each other fabrics and the center was a pine tree, then we got to do what we wanted.
 Snowman wallhanging at the top of my stairs.  The blocks were from a swap.
 This is in my guest room.  Years ago my mother in law saw this quilt in a Fons and Porter magazine.  She really liked it and I got the magazine and made it for her.  She displayed it once or twice, but Alzheimers set in.  After she passed away I got the quilt back.
A little stocking wallhanging.  The beading detail is not showing the pictures, but there is a LOT of beading on it!
 Wallhanging from a block of the month several years ago.  I love it.  I had to stand in my laundry room to take the pic and the washer wouldn't move out of the way to get a straight photo!
I have several more Christmas quilts, I will have to work on another post!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Gift quilt and Odds and Ends

Have you ever lost things and think you are going crazy?  In the last six weeks I have lost my two favorite rotary cutters, a good pair of scissors, my 60 degree ruler and my jar of modge podge I bought to try the applique techniques in the book Crafted Applique.

I mention this because I was desperately looking for my 60 degree ruler to make a border print tablerunner.  My mom had asked for donations to the gift baskets they give at the Senior Center fundraiser.  I looked on youtube and managed to cut them out (with errors) using my regular ruler and the 60 degree line.  I had a couple issues, but managed to make a tablerunner and a topper.  After they were done I moved a pile and found the ruler.  I also found the modge podge, but not the other 3 missing things!
 A friend had these scraps leftover over and sewn this square background and gave it to me and said do something with it for the seniors.  It languished for a few months and then I decided to add applique.  Seriously it looked like it matched well when I was making it, but now it looks washed out.  I think I did my duty with donating 3 items.
 I finished the square dance quilt and mailed it off Friday to a friend who recently completed her master's degree while teaching and being a mother to three kids in school.  She did so much for us when my son passed away and I have always wanted to give her a quilt.  I thought a master's degree deserved one!  I originally met her through quilting.  She hasn't had time in recent years for it. 
 Wavy line quilting closeup.

I found the perfect backing online for a science teacher and the colors were a perfect match for the front!  I had a matching sort of stripe for the binding.

In October I took 4 quilt tops to a friend 3 hours away.  She has a longarm and was trying to get her business going again.  I have MANY quilt tops.  I was able to pick them up Saturday since I had other errands to do about an hour north of her.  Yep, it was a long day!

I got all 4 quilts trimmed and ready for binding.  This quilt top belonged to a friend who passed away and I inherited it.  It's not really me and I will be donating it after I bind it.  The blocks were all made by members of a quilt group we belonged to online.
 The same friend loved country fabrics and years ago Pat Sloan had a couple lines of fabric that Debi purchased.  I ended up with the fabric and it's not my favorite but I made this queen size 10 minute block quilt.  This is what I consider my ugly quilt, but I would like to make one out of batiks.  It's quick and easy and fun!  I know the top is as least 7 years old.  I will also donate it.
Another friend from South Carolina passed away and had wanted me to have her featherweight.  Her sister shipped it to me along with a bunch of unfinished projects.  We had been in this row robin together (my row is the 3rd up from the bottom).  It's pretty, but I didn't have extra fabrics and decided against borders and will just bind it with red.  I do like this quilt!
 This is the last Bonnie Hunter mystery I did.  Grand Illusion.  I dislike it intensely.  I LOVED my fabrics, but they didn't work well here.  I only used 5 fabrics and maybe that was my problem  I added pieces to the top and bottom to make it rectangluar.  It is quilted in an allover design.  I will probably donate it unless I find somebody who actually likes it!  It is queen size! I haven't done any mysteries since.
 Last, but not least, here is the pillow I received in the pillow swap on Instagram.  I love it!  I have never had a desire for an embroidery machine, but I do love the effects!  I have been busy photographing my Christmas decorations and Christmas quilts so that will be my next post!

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Twins! and a few other things

Our twin grandbabies were born in the wee hours of November 16th!  They arrived a little early, but do not have any complications and got to come home two days later.  Finn Bradley was 5 lbs. 9 oz. and Remy Elizabeth was 5 lbs. 5 oz.  They are doing very well and we were thrilled to get to see them at Thanksgiving.  I had 10 pound babies so these were so tiny in comparison!  It's too bad they live six hours away!  My other two grandchildren live in that same area too, so at least they are all close together!

I finished the Labyrinth Walk quilt for my nephew.  I sewed binding in the car on the way to Boise.  I stayed warm at least as my husband likes the car cooler than I do.  Unfortunately I didn't take any quilting closeups, this photo was at my sister's house.

 I joined a swap on Instagram for a Christmas pillow.  My secret person loves the tree in pickup theme so this is what I made her.  I mailed it yesterday.  It is on a 12 X 16 pillow form.
 I made this wallhanging last year for a Crayon Challenge with my small group.  I realized the photo is upside down and not cropped but oh well.  I have made three of these wallhangings now, I think they are so fun!  I have a friend who is having open heart bypass surgery this coming week so I took it to her yesterday.  When I initially showed it to my group she loved it and thought it was such a happy little quilt.  She was so thrilled to get it yesterday.  I thought she would enjoy looking at it while recovering from surgery.  She has a lot of allergies so flowers are not an option for her.
 I usually decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving.  We got home last weekend and I had to make a dash to town for shopping and picking up my Christmas cards.  It's an all day excursion!  I finally got out all my Christmas decorations.  These do not include my tree or a pile of stuff on the dining table.  This is my weekend project!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Retreat Time!

This past weekend I went to a quilt retreat at Palouse Divide Lodge, one of my favorite spots for retreating.  The views out of the lodge are fabulous.  This photo is midday with the larch trees changing color.

I worked on three quilt tops.  This one will be a gift for a person who likes earth tones and curvy things.  It is from the book Color Shuffle by Karla Alexander.  I have wanted to make a quilt from this book for a long time.  I need to even up the edges and add a border of some type.

 This is one of the blocks.  They are set on point.  This was very fun to sew!
This is a quilt for nephew my sister has commissioned me to make.  The pattern is Labyrinth Walk.  I need to add borders to make it queen size so that will take a bit of figuring, not something I do at retreat.
I mentioned I worked on three quilt tops.  Well.... I was sewing the final rows together on the third one when I became ill Saturday night.  Several of the quilters had arrived Monday and I didn't arrive until Thursday evening.  Throughout the week over half of us were sick.  The group that left Sunday had norovirus we found out later.  It's not confirmed our group contracted it, but it is very contagious.  Thankfully my friends were able to pack up my stuff and load my car and tried to figure out how to get me home Sunday.  I said I could drive, it was only an hour and 15 minutes.  I made it, but it was rough!  I took today off work and feel much better.  I finally managed to unload my car and my husband won't let me in the kitchen.  That makes me feel so sad!  😉😏

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Monday, November 06, 2017

Baby Quilts and a Finished Top

This is a continuation of last week's post.  I quilted the two baby quilts and went to two showers.  There were two of us that were at both showers.  One was a cute little girl shower and my son's friends were thrilled to see me.  Their baby Annadelle is due in December.  I did find binding in my stash that coordinated.
flannel backing
Sunday afternoon I went to a baby boy shower for a young couple in our area.  I have known the father all his life and used to babysit him when he was young!  He is a young farmer and my husband has been mentoring him.  I have know the mom's family for a long time too.  I used minkie on the back and found a blue stripe in my stash for binding.  Baby Carter is due in December.

Both quilts were quilted simply with free motion squiggles.

 I have the top together for my Square Dance quilt from the book Strip Your Stash.  I will have to audition a binding from my stash when I get it quilted.
Square Dance from Strip Your Stash
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