Monday, May 30, 2016

Progress on Quilt Tops

I have made some progress this week.  I am making both my daughters big quilts at their request.  I showed LIsa's last week, it is a queen size.  I couldn't get a great picture without things in the way but this is a sort of layout on the leaves.  There will be three vines randomly coming down and leaves will be on either side.  I wanted to see if I had enough.  They have fusible web on the back with the paper still attached currently.  The quilt will be bound in red.

Gentle Moments partially finished

I have this top in my collection for awhile.  The pattern was in McCall's quilting in 2001 and my friend Debi wanted to make it and bought the pink. She gave it to me along with all her 30's. Amy wants a quilt roughly 126 X 108 with a very thin batting and navy blue on one side so it can play double duty.  When she was here she saw this in my stash and said it would work.  I had set it aside because there was a booboo.  I had somehow mismeasured on the pink border and the quilt was not laying flat.  After taking the outer borders off and removing 2" off each side I got it back to this point.  Then I had to make two more white boders and then the piano key and finished it off with the only piece of 30's I had that had enough yardage.  It's so big I didn't have a place to lay or hang it.  It's in my lumpy yard so it doesn't look even and it's wrinkled so ignore that!  It was sunny so the color is a bit washed.

Gentle Moments 109 X 125

strange mushroom

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We have woods behind our house and I have been going out and laying out trails for our dog to follow.  She is 15 months old and is doing very well at her search and rescue training.  I loved this mushroom, not sure what it is, and I love the purple flowers on the skunk cabbage.  
skunk cabbage flowers

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


It seemed to take forever, but I finally got the background done for my daughter Lisa's quilt.  The short mortar pieces between the bricks sewed up quickly but it took a long time to sew all those horizontal rows.  Now comes the fun part of drawing up leaf shapes to applique over the top.  They will be fused and stitched, it would take me forever and a day to hand applique.  The binding will be red.  

I did get several pieces sewn on my postage stamp quilt as leader/enders as I was sewing this!  I wish I had taken the time to cut more tumblers for my patriotic leader/ender tumbler quilt.  I need to see how many more I need to assemble that top.

For fun I thought I would revisit some older quilts in future blog posts. I did it a few years ago and had fun.  I finished this one in 2003.  It was a series quilt in the old Foundation Piecer magazine and made completely with Moda Marble fabrics.  It's still one of my favorite quilts and I usually take it to quilt camp.

Friday, May 20, 2016

A Little Progress

I haven't made progress on the Farm Girl Vintage quilt because I decided it needs to be longer, so I have to take a row off and make six more blocks.  In the meantime I did get my One Block Wonder pieced.  I love it!  I am debating borders, nothing is really grabbing me, so I may just quilt and bind it as is.  However it gets added to my long list of "to be quilted" for now!
One Block Wonder

I also started piecing my daughter Lisa and husband Kevin's quilt.  They designed it and there will be red vine applique over it.  There will also be "mortar" between the rows, for design wall purposes it's not there!  I have the rows on top sewn together.  It's split in the middle on the unsewn rows strictly for layout purposes.  I don't like to have pieces over the two pieces of design wall, they don't stay as well.

Lisa and Kevin guest room quilt
That's all my excitement.  11 days of school left, and we leave for Hawaii 4 days after that.  

Monday, May 09, 2016

New Project!

Yes, I have lots of projects that need finished, some with time goals, but I couldn't resist cutting a new project yesterday.  I had hoped to sew most of Mother's Day, but other things took over and I didn't have much time.  

Last year I was in a quilt shop and saw this gorgeous Hoffman Spectrum print from the Bright Christmas line.  The feel of the fabric is fabulous.  I bought enough for six repeats and it has been staring at me for months and months.

I knew I was going to make a One Block Wonder so yesterday I got the repeats cut and stacked and ready to sew the half hexi's together.  I can't wait to see what it looks like sewn together!

Other than that nothing too exciting is going on.  I am working on borders for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt I posted last week and hope to show that next week.

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Monday, May 02, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage blocks

I was on a fabulous quilt retreat this past weekend at Reflections Inn.  The owners go out of their way to make our retreat amazing.  The most we can have is ten and that is what we had this year.  I am terrible at taking pictures during retreats and my very old camera died and without cell service and limited internet my phone was off most of the weekend.

Last year I joined a Sew Along for the Farm Girl Vintage blocks.  I only got three blocks made.  While trying to figure out a project for retreat that was compact I decided to cut out the remaining 45 blocks.  That was an undertaking in itself!  The blocks finish at 6".  

I managed to get all the blocks but one made at retreat and I also learned rug hooking with wool strips.  I will take a picture of that later.  I inherited a massive amount of wool strips for rug braiding, but they can be cut down for rug hooking.

I had a quilt for my daughter cut out, but didn't get to that!

I have my Farm Girl Vintage blocks on the wall.  Excuse the wrinkles, I crammed things in a bag to come home, silly me!  I took the first picture and as much as I love the "Gingham" block on the right side, it was glaring at me.  It's all I could see so I remade it this afternoon and rearranged a few blocks in the second photo.  I did change a couple since then too. The orange pumpkin still sticks out, but that is the nature of the block.  Now to get it assembled, several borders added and quilted for my granddaughter.  She turns two on May 7th. No, it won't be done by then!  The backing has horses on it.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

April is Flying By!

Where has the month gone?  I haven't a clue.  My daughter and grandkids visited for 8 days and the next weekend my other daughter and husband were here.  I went to two quilt shows and did yard work.  Now I am getting ready for a quilt retreat this weekend!  It's taking me awhile to cut out my project, the 6" blocks for Farm Girl Vintage.  I have 3 blocks made and will take the other 45 blocks with me to sew up.  It is time consuming to cut out sampler blocks!   

My big finish for the month was my Fire Island Hosta.  Below are photos of it with closeups of the quilting.  I had fun with free motion.  It's hard to stuff a 100 X 100 quilt through my Pfaff Grand Quilter, but I did it!  I set up extra tables around me to hold the bulk.

 I had pre-entered the quilt in the Palouse Patchers quilt show in Moscow, ID.  I am not a member of the guild due to distance but this is the third time I have entered in their show.  I am glad I had the deadline or I wouldn't have gotten it finished!  The photo below is a bit blurry, but you can see my ribbons I shockingly won!  All voting is done by members before the show and viewer's choice is voted on Saturday by quilt show attendees.  Since I had company I didn't get to the show until Sunday and I also needed to pick up my quilt that afternoon.  I won Viewer's Choice - Large quilts and First in Machine Piecing!
Below is my favorite quilt in the show.  I loved all the detail and I didn't get the name of the quilt!  I like to take pictures of the tags so I can remember these things and I didn't do it.

detail of the above quilt.  I loved the rivet accents.

I got this old UFO quilted in March and finished the binding in April.  It was from 2000-2001 and was a row robin with the Pat Sloan Yahoo group back then.

This is also the last picture of our cat I accidentally  took.  I had him put down last week at age 17 1/2.
We got him at 5 weeks old.

quilting detail in the border
I also finished my Folk Art Album quilt in memory of my friend Debi.  She gave me the kit.  I started it in 2009!  I hand stitched all the wool applique onto flannel.  I just stippled the backfround for some dimension.
Folk Art Album
quilting and stitching closeup
an outdoor shot of the quilt

I went to the Seaport Quilters show last weekend in Clarkston, WA.  It was fun to meet up with my friend Mary from Washington!  I was also with three local friends, and had a great day.  

Now to some non-quilting pictures!  My husband loves to take our grandson on adventures with a neighbor and his grandson.  They were dressed as Daniel Boone and went looking for treasure with maps and yes, that is a pretend hatchet!   They walked a long way through fields, woods, crossed a creek and there was a clearing where they somehow found the makings for grilled cheese sandwiches, Jared's favorite food!  The boys found a treasure box with chocolate coins and real coins and thought it was great fun.

My daughter and I drove to Sandpoint, ID, my second trip that week, seven hour round trip!  We picked up sandwiches and ate them on Lake Pend Oreille. Nicole went with us, and was a pretty traveler.  She loved the sand and the play equipment at this park.

Nicole at Lake Pend Oreille

Jared was a Fireman for Halloween last year and brought his costume so he could go to the volunteer firefighters meeting with Grandpa.  He loves to be with Grandpa and we were doing some farming during the time he was here which thrilled him.  He rode in trucks and tractors.    
Doug, Jared and Nicole.  She was actually dressed for bed but loves being outside.

When our younger daughter was here the next weekend we went for a walk. This windmill was originally put up by Doug's father and grandfather in the early 30's.  They sold the property in the 40's and we acquired it in 2010.  There is a house on the property we rent out and we farm the fields.   Doug rebuilt the base for the windmill and all the blades are in good shape.  It doesn't actually pump water now, but it's a great keepsake.  In the field behind it we have the first release of Huffman wheat planted, named after our son Brad.  Here is the link to the blog post I wrote about the wheat. 

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Road Trip and Quilting Progress

Yesterday I needed to go on a road trip to Sandpoint, ID, 7 hours of round trip driving, but it was a beautiful day, with beautiful scenery. As a reward I stopped at Bear Paw Quilting in Coeur d'Alene.  It is a gorgeous shop with so much variety!  From 30's to wool to Kaffe to modern to batiks and everything in between.  I have no business EVER buying more fabric, but I get bored sometimes.  I have so many projects to work on.  Both daughters want certain quilts, my granddaughter a needs a big girl quilt (she will be 2 in May) neighbor "kid" needs a wedding quilt July 2nd, and lets not mention those 40ish quilts that need quilted.

Don't laugh (I have one friend that will laugh!) but this is SOME of my fabric storage.  Yes, it is exploding!

We won't mention strings and strips.  I did make two cute blocks as leader enders when I was piecing the backing for Fire Island Hosta.  I will continue with this project but if Judy D. thought she had a lot of strings, she hasn't seen mine yet.  I'm afraid to put them all in one place because they will NOT fit in one big bin.

So back to my trip, I have been wanting to find fabric to make Tula Pink's City Sampler, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks.
 To purchase a signed copy of Tula Pink's City Sampler click on the image above     Photos by  Elazabeth Maxon
I am not a green fan, never have been, BUT I was drawn to black, gray and lime green.  I bought the bottom 8 fabrics at Bear Paw and then stopped at Stitches and Petals in Moscow.  I bought the two fabrics on the top row left side.  Amazingly I found the next four from the left already in my stash in a FQ grouping from the Wild Hare in Orofino.  I then picked the final 4 fabrics on the top row right from my stash.  The most amazing find was 5 yards of this Kona gray for background already in my stash!

Now back to fun things, like defrosting my freezer and cleaning house! I did make a bit of machine quilting progress on Fire Island Hosta.

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