Monday, May 14, 2018

This and That

I have done very little in the quilting area.  I have puttered around and done some sorting.  I think it is just procrastination on starting a wedding quilt.  I need to dive in.

I joined a 100 day scrap vortex challenge in early April, but I struggle with random scrappiness.  The original scrap vortex sew along is pictured here.  I am using my batik scraps I had cut up into 2.5 squares, 2.5 X 4.5", 2.5 X 6.5, and strips that I am cutting into 8.5" and 10.5" lengths.  This is what I have so far.  I am thinking about black sashing, hence the piece hanging down
10" blocks - 26 completed
I bought this Hoffman Spectrum print that I fell in love with.  I LOVE flowers!  I am visualizing a One Block Wonder quilt, but leaving one piece whole in the middle.  I have seen several OBW's  using center panels. I have 8 repeats of this fabric!

I am not the world's best photographer.  We have a lot of dandelions popping up in the pasture and hay field below our house.  They are in the yard too, but I mow those and try to keep them out of there.  I was walking one day this weekend and saw honeybees in the dandelions.  I managed to snap a photo!  How is that for excitement?

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Monday, May 07, 2018

Wizard's Chest quilt and retreat

The weekend of April 26th to 29th I went to a quilt retreat.  It's a small retreat, with 10 of us.  The retreat is at Reflections Inn, a B&B on the Clearwater River.  I had previously posted the pieces I had cut for Wizard's Chest quilt, a pattern from 2017 in McCall's Quick Quilts.  I didn't get the top finished at retreat, but managed to finish it this weekend!  I stay stitched around the edge of the quilt this afternoon so the seams won't pop!  I used Kaffe Fassett fabrics and black and white prints.

Middle Fork of the Clearwater River.  Lewis and Clark traveled on the ridges above the river

me chain piecing!

Wizard's Chest quilt top completed!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Finished Quilt!

I finished quilting and binding my Blue Hawaiian quilt.  I LOVE it!  I did a lot of swirly quilting and the weather has turned to be much nicer and went into our pasture and field for pictures.  My husband was able to get into the field today finally!  Yay for sunshine!

I am thrilled to have this quilt finished.  The original pattern is Rhubarb Pie by Madison Cottage Designs.
In the 1960's daffodil bulbs were put into the pasture and over the years they have spread.

If you look close you can see one of my dogs in the upper left!  
Our winter wheat made it through our long winter.  This wheat variety is named Huffman UI/WSU after my late son.

quilting closeup.  I used a turquoise Superior brand thread.
I have a quilt retreat coming up so of course I had to cut a new project!  I am making Wizard's Chess.    I still need to cut the solid black and solid white.

I have done some knitting, 4 dish rags!  No picture since I gave them away already!

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Monday, April 09, 2018

Machine Quilting and Prep

I spent the week, after work, machine quilting a quilt for a friend.  Three years ago she asked me to machine quilt a quilt she was making for her son and his soon to be wife.  Her son had been one of my son's best friends and I had planned to make a wedding quilt but instead purchased gifts as to not detract from his mom's gift.  Jeffrey and Macaela recently had a baby girl and I gave them a baby quilt at the shower and they were thrilled to receive it.  It took Susan quite a while, but she proudly finished the quilt top and brought it to me.  I tried to take a picture of the quilting on the backing but it didn't show.  I did free motion whirligig quilting in each block and a loopy swirl in the sashing (it was added for length).  Susan will bind it. It's a bit busy, but cool at the same time!  It was way to rainy to take pics outside.

This weekend I got out my Blue Hawaiian quilt.  I originally posted it in May 2017.  I had lots of leftover blocks and decided to enlarge the quilt.  Then I still had leftovers and pieced a backing as I am refusing to buy backing fabric when I have so much fabric at home!  The pattern is called Rhubarb Pie by Madison Cottage desgins.

This was the quilt to top as it was in May 2017.  63 blocks
Enlarged quilt top and the borders were changed to be uniform on the sides.  88 blocks

I had leftover bits and pieces so I pieced a back.

Now I need to baste and quilt it!  I wanted something cheery during our dreary April weather!  Farming is behind, the fields have way too much water.

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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter, quilts and kids!

I thought I would share an Easter quilt I have had for years.  I used to do a lot of round robins, row robins, block robins, etc.  This is one I made the center for and was delighted with what I got back!  I should have steamed out the fold in the center.

center block closeup
I finished quilting this Washington State Internet yahoo group quilt.  I collected the blocks 13-18 years ago and have had the top in my stash for YEARS!  I custom quilted each block and bound it in black.
I was trying to show the blocks on the top row, but wasn't successful!  It was nice enough weather to go out in my back pasture for photos.

Last year I cut up a bunch of earthy batik strips and some sashing.  The pattern is in one of my Jelly Roll quilt books.  I was at a retreat last April and one woman ran out of projects!  Unheard of for me, I always bring way too much!  I handed her this packet and she sewed up a bunch of blocks.  Last week I sewed up a bunch more and got the top assembled this weekend.  Now it will go into my to be quilted pile and will eventually be donated.

My oldest daughter and two kids were here during spring break this past week.  Nicole will be 4 in May and discovered her mom and aunt's Barbies.  She had a field day!  They had so many growing up and LOTS of accessories.  Some of the things have gone by the wayside (like the Barbie car and beds) and a few more went away when I was cleaning things up, but wow, she spent HOURS and HOURS playing with them and has quite the imagination.  She was wearing her princess costume!
 I didn't seem to get any pictures of Jared by himself!  He is 6 1/2 and was with my husband continually!  He loves being Grandpa's shadow on the farm!
 The twins weren't here visiting, but here are a couple pictures.  They are almost 4 1/2 months old now!  Finn and Remy!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Not a lot of progress

The last few weeks have been filled with many things, including a horrible cold virus that really zapped me.  Lots of other things going on.  I am almost quilting a large quilt, but just didn't get a chance to finish!  My daughter and grandkids are here visiting and that takes priority.  I am eeking out a few minutes with the kids playing here in the sewing room.

My biggest finish was getting the borders on my Baltimore Spring quilt.  I still haven't gotten to the stitching stage, I hope to soon.  I do have some other quilting commitments coming up, so we shall see!

When I took the quilts to school for 100 day in my previous post, our volunteer music teacher was there.  This is a small wallhanging from hand dyed fabrics and the leaves are raw edge.  It's not my favorite and she asked if I would donate it to a benefit auction for a neighbor's 4 year old great granddaughter.  I was happy to.  The little girl was born with a rare medical condition and they are seeing treatment in Boston.  I included a closeup of the quilting.  This is about 24 X 30. 

Instagram is having a quiltfest for the month of March, but again, way too many commitments to participate fully.  I  was able to post a pic on miniature quilts day though!  I wish I had laid a ruler for comparison!  It was about 24 X 27 or so, I can't remember now!  I made these a few years ago.  I used to make a lot of mini quilts!  The top two are traditionally pieces and the bottom 2 are paper pieces and they are small!

 I got out my Farmer's Wife blocks to see how many I had. I laid a piece of black fabric on the floor and I think that is what I will use on my scrappy batik quilt when I get all the rest of the blocks made some year!  Actually I have been challenged to finish it this year.  I started this many years ago.
 More recently I started the 1930's Farmers Wife.  Still not sure why as I have way too many sampler quilts and they aren't my favorite!  They are brighter and I will be using white.  I have a lot more to make!

Hopefully I will be able to get back on track with quilting and blogging.  I will post pics of my grandkids in another post!

Thursday, March 08, 2018

100 days of school and a prize!

Our school district has been on a 4 day school week for several years.  We go to school about 150 days a year and today we hit our 100th day this school year.  We have 24 students in grades K-6.  Everyone participates in the 100 day event and they bring 100 of something to show.  For several years I brought 100 cookies.  Last year I brought 100 squares of fabric.

This year I brought 100 quilts!  I used to make a lot of miniatures and wallhangings and for the essence of weight I took mostly that size, but threw in a few larger ones.  They filled 4 large garbage bags I could barely lift!  I had lots of helpers spreading them out in the gym (with clean hands and in stocking feet!).  The students were all very impressed and got to pick their favorite ones and explain why and then fold them up for me.  It was a good lesson in art and design.  The first pic is of the stacks in my hallway and the other pics were by the head teacher, trying to minimize faces of students showing!

 I forgot to show the name tag I made for the retreat I went to last weekend.

The background is made up of bits of thread saved from the floor.  A friend also saves all her thread ends and gives them to me.  I went through a postcard making phase with them.  I free motioned my name (going over it a few times) and then covered the whole thing with tulle and did some stitching, punched a hole and added a flower and sewed on the ribbon.  I received the top prize of 8 fat quarters and the three judges really liked my recycling!  Below are the FQ's I received from Quilt Treasures, the retreat sponsor.

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