Monday, July 06, 2015

Design Wall Monday and other stuff

Where did June go?  I was so busy until school got out on June 11th, then had several things to get done and our daughter Amy, her husband Nate and their two kids arrived on the 19th.  We left with them on the 26th and came back on the 29th.  It was a great get away.

Now to catch up on the things I did get done recently!

My blog post for Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures Scrap Squad went live on June 19th.  I used the Hero's Homecoming pattern in the current issue of Quiltmaker and made Dogwoods in Bloom.  I love this one.  I decided to make a version in patriotic colors to donate to one of the military groups.  It is not quilted yet, but hopefully by the end of the summer it will be!
Dogwoods in Bloom.  Quilty Pleasures Blog for June.

Hero's Homecoming top for Quilty Pleasure blog

Today I finished machine quilting this quilt that I pieced in March for a graduation gift.  It's just a bit 
late!  I have the binding ready to apply and will finish it by machine as well.
Stepping Stones for Lindsay.

I used all the leftover fabrics to piece a back.
 I am very behind on the QuiltmakerIttyBitty blocks.  I only have January done but I have all the rest cut out through June.  July was just posted yesterday.  These are two baskets from February.  I am making two of each 4" block.
Itty Bitty Baskets 4"
 A neighbor asked me to quilt this signature quilt for her.  It was in her family and assembled by her great grandmother.  She knew I would not be handquilting it, but she just wanted it finished to display.  I need to hand stitch the binding but it's been way too hot here and we don't have an air conditioned house!
Antique signature quilt
 We left on the 26th for Boise and visited our daughter Lisa and husband Kevin and seeing their newly purchased house.  Amy and her family went the rest of the way to their home in Utah the next day.  We also went to a wedding on the 27th of one of our son's friends, where Brad was honored as an honorary groomsman.  On the 28th we drove to Oregon.  I should do a whole post on that trip.  We were going to go there two years ago with Brad to see the homestead sites of Doug's great great grandfather and great grandfather.  Brad had been the one who found the locations and Doug had put them into his GPS at the time.  We did see the homestead sites and also the Oregon Trail Intrepetive Center in Baker City where we got to see the actual wagon train ruts that they had actually traveled on.  We also went to Wallowa Lake and went up on the Tram.  The views are gorgeous.  We hiked all the trails, having gotten to the tram shortly after 9 AM when it opened.  We came back home the evening of the 29th.
Me at the top of Mt. Howard.  

Doug looking at the homestead site of his great great grandfather

Wallowa Lake

sign at the summit, we could definitely harder to breathe at a higher elevation

Linking up with Patchwork Times.  I was also nominated for a Lovely Blog Award quite some time ago so I plan to get that post done too if I ever stay home long enough!  

Monday, June 01, 2015

Design Wall Monday and Weather

I almost missed posting on Monday.  I can't show two of the projects I am working on until they are revealed on the Quiltmaker blog later this month.  They have taken most of my time along with gardening.  I am linking up with Patchwork Times.

Below all the other photos are some random flower photos I have taken.

I decided I really would like to have all my Farmer's Wife blocks made by the end of the summer.  I am using only my batiks scraps and enjoying different color combinations.  For storing the blocks I have a binder with protector sheets and I'm putting each block in order in the book so I can't show all that I have done!  I am also writing the block number, name and date I made each block on the back.

Two 6" blocks for Farmer's Wife
I am quilting a quilt for a friend of  a friend.  She is not a quilter and she made a pieced satin star for the center and very, very wide borders.  I quilted stars in the open areas with Superior Fantastico thread.  I love the sheen of this thread. I am quilting wavy lines to replica a flag flying and then will free motion quilt 5 pointed stars in the borders.

Satin Star quilt 
We are having wild weather like other parts of the U.S.  Yesterday we had torrential rains and tonight another violent storm.  I tried to photograph the standing rain yesterday and the clouds coming in this evening.  We have some end of the year field trips coming up for school, hopefully the weather cooperates!
my garden is behind the bush, between the trees.  It's very wet
My driveway Sunday night

Pictures of clouds Monday evening.

yellow roses by an old building about 10 miles from home
Irises by my driveway

Sunflowers on my walk Friday

Our puppy Leia being naughty in the flowerbed.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I have a lot to be thankful for on this Memorial Day.  I am proud to be an American.  My grandfather served in World War I and survived or I wouldn't be here today.  So many people gave their lives for our country.  I grew up going to cemeteries for Memorial Day putting flowers on deceased family member graves.  It's hard to go to my son's grave but I decorated it along with Doug's parents who are in the same plot.  Doug's grandfather purchased a plot of six graves in 1925 in the little country Teakean Cemetery in the middle of farm fields.

I have a lot of machine quilting to do in the month of June and there are 11 days of school left this year.  I am ready for a break!

I have been busy working on my quilt for the Quiltmaker Scrap Squad.  My reveal is in mid June, but here is a teaser.  I do love those bright colors and the blocks look awesome on my design wall if I say so myself!  I am toying with borders now.

 This quilt was made from leftovers from my Strippy Pyramids quilt I posted last week.  The quilt evolved based on how many strips I had.  I looked for coordinating solids in my stash and came up two shades of blue.  I don't normally do charity size child quilts with so much white, but this is the way it worked and I love the modern look.  My issue now is binding (planning ahead for having it quilted!).  I don't have enough blue and I could do green or the orangy color or I could go scrappy adding in some blues to the orange and green.  I ruled out red, it didn't look right.  Even though orange is my least favorite color that is the binding color I am leaning towards.  The quilt top is 43 X 54.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Design Wall Monday - finished tops!

For a few weeks I had a couple scrappy small charity quilts on my design wall.  I had used them as leader/enders when I was sewing other projects.  I actually have them sewn together now into tops! Plus I got the pyramid quilt top together.  I have a lot of machine quilting projects going on so all these will go into my collection of "to be quilted" tops.

Wallhanging from leftovers from making this quilt for Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

made from 2" squares (1.5" finished) charity quilt top.  It's very purple, my favorite color!
Strippy Pyramids - double bed size
For years and years (at least 20) I have been sewing 1.5" squares together as leader/enders.  Of course I have made several other quilts in between using this same technique but bigger squares.  I have been sewing them in rows of 16 squares and throwing them in a box not pressed.  Over the years I have sewn some of the blocks together.  I thought surely there was enough for a quilt...  I have six completed 16" blocks and enough strips for four and a half more blocks.  Hmmm.... not quilt the 12 blocks I was planning on but getting there!  I will do a solid sashing some year when I get more blocks done.  It's very busy!
1 inch finished squares randomly sewn squares
Check out Patchwork Times for lots more inspiration!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I feel like I am swimming in projects and not finishing anything but I keep seeing so much inspiration! I have my latest Quiltmaker Scrap Squad fabrics and design picked, ready for cutting and piecing.

My Fire Island Hosta is currently off the design wall, but not finished.

I made another Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt block and now I really want to get a bunch more blocks cut out.  I hadn't worked on them since 2012!

I started the Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt Sew Along and have 3 six inch blocks made.  I am using a mixture of fun "girly" prints I have been collecting over the years.
Farm Girl Vintage Blocks
The project below is the one on my design wall currently.  While I was at a retreat at Reflections Inn at the end of April a friend ran out of projects.  I had obtained a jelly roll of Mixology Fabrics at a retreat last September in McCall, ID hosted by Craft Taffy the sister site of Quilt Taffy.  As a side note I highly recommend their retreats and I'm signed up again for this September.  There are still openings. 

I had seen a cover quilt on a Scrap Quilts magazine by Fons and Porter called Strippy Pyramids and cut the strips and have been hauling them around.  My friend Rosan pieced the strips together and I put the triangles on my design wall.  I have the top two rows sewn together, along with the bottom two rows (they are piled up on the floor).  I realized there is no purple in this quilt!  I guess I am branching out.  My quilt guild friends will think this is funny because I would NEVER use orange and yellow for years and years!  Now they are showing up a lot more!
Strippy Pyramids

I have some machine quilting to do and lots of end of the year school stuff and field trips going on too.  I am linking up with Patchwork Times, check them out for other Design Wall projects!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I have something new on my wall!  Not that I finished one of the other projects but I needed to put up my Fire Island Hosta. (pattern by Judy Niemeyer) I went to a retreat with 8 other women this past weekend and I spent the whole time sewing the pieces for this quilt top.  I am working on assembling it now.  I am so excited because I love the visual impact.  Picking fabrics was tough and I changed a couple fabrics during the cutting process. Most of my quilts involve purple and I am not a green fan, but I am excited by this quilt!
pieces for my Fire Island Hosta
our 9 week old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd  puppy, Leia

Flower Bed, tulips are already starting to fade away

winter wheat field near my house.  I just watching our crops grow!
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Design Wall Monday New Projects and a Finish!

My design wall is exactly the same (I MUST finish those two charity tops), but I did finish a quilt last week!  I had pre-entered it in the Palouse Patchers quilt show that was held this past weekend in Moscow, ID.  Entering it was my motivation to finish the quilt and it was down to the wire, but I made it.  I drove the quilt and a friend's entries to Moscow Friday.  I attended the show Saturday and didn't even get a picture of the quilt hanging!  My friend brought the entries back Sunday night and I was shocked to see two ribbons hanging on the quilt!
Finger Lakes Log Cabin - pieced Nov/Dec 2013 Quilted March/April 2015
Ribbons won - First in Piecing and Second in Machine Quilting
My friend Anita Brumley's quilt.  She won first in Best Use of Color and a Second in Viewer's Choice Large Quilts
photo by Anita
I fell in love with this quilt by Debbie Goetz.  She called it Bubble Gum and the pattern is called Cotton Candy Dots 2 by Amelie Scott.  I love the simplicity of the pattern with the random dots appliqued on which were added by Debbie.
 At the Quilted Posies booth I found this aqua /grayish brown bundle of FQ's.  I purchased the fabric on the right at the Island Quilter booth and 3 of the coral/orange fabrics and had the remaining 3 corals in my stash.  The fabrics at the top I removed from the pile and will be on the back of the quilt.  They were too distracting to me.  I am so anxious to make this quilt!
However I will be going to a quilt retreat this coming weekend and decided to actually read the directions for cutting out my Fire Island Hosta quilt pattern.  I am using this selection of fabrics.  I added a few more and changed one my last post about the quilt.  The light fabric is a mottled Nancy Crow gray I have had in my stash for years.  I now have most of it cut out.

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