Monday, February 22, 2021

Lots of Quilting and House Flooding

 My last post was on Jan. 10th.  On January 12th my husband called me at work at 12:15.  He said get home now, we have flooding.  My boss sent my co-worker with me and she improvised with all the students for the afternoon.  (22 students K-6)  It turns out a supply line on an upstairs toilet burst and flooded through the main floor and into the basement.  It was a huge mess (still is).  I called the only carpet cleaning service in town and they were able to come out and with their big machines and suck up water and brought fans and dehumidifiers.  We had sheetrock and flooring damage and finally have a contractor ready to start repairs next week.  It's been tough to find someone.  The insurance company was great, they have already paid us for what the adjuster came up with.  

Then we had a second flood last week.  We have a small water heater in the kitchen under a corner cabinet.  It is above my sewing room in the basement.  Yep, it started leaking and water was pouring down on my cutting table.  It is ruined.  Thankfully the ceiling and flooring had not been replaced yet!  So.... upon installation of a new water heater we purchased Friday... we had a third flood in the kitchen under the sink!  I think we are done now.  I am just looking forward to having flooring and walls and ceiling again!

Back to quilting!  I really have gotten a lot done in the last month, even with all the disruptions and disorganization of my house, although not a single bit of actual machine quilting, just piecing.

First off I am doing a Brown Bag Mystery called Double the Fun.  It starts in March, but the participating shops are selling the bags with cutting instructions ahead of time.  You get to see a strip of one fabric and the rest is a mystery!  One of my my bags is a Me and My Sister Design bag and one is a Tula Pink bag.  This should be fun.  Bags are still available online!

I have been doing a block of the month through Your Best Friends Quilt Shop.  It is done on a Ten Sisters design grid and the squares are one inch finished!  

This top is made of strips leftover from the twins quilts I made last fall.  It is a large throw size and will be finished as a donation quilt to a church group with a lot of outreach programs.

I am participating in the Tula Pink Nebula BOM.  Here are the first two months.

This is a block of the week I am doing through Your Best Friend's Quilt Shop.  The owner loves 30's.  I am unsure how this is going together.  I think we are supposed to get 50 blocks.  It is definitely not my style, but the blocks are fun to make.
Snowman quilt shop sample

Bees shop sample
Snippets Shop Sample - love the colors!

Gnomes - shop sample

Dresden quilt - shop sample.  This one was all cut and with the tops all sewn.  I just had to assemble and applique the wedges!

Bees - pattern by Krista Moser.  I took a class from her and loved this quilt and I got to make it as a shop sample.

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Ramona said...

WOW!! You have been super busy in your sewing room. There are some great things happening there, too. I am especially impressed after reading about your multiple flooding episodes. My husband always say things come in threes, so let's hope this is it forever for you.

Mary said...

I loved doing shop samples when I worked at Hancock Fabrics. Some days I really Miss my Dream Job! So sorry about all the flooding. Glad it was only the cutting table, I guess. Kepp on stitching!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

While I really like seeing all the quilty stuff better... oh my!! THREE floods!! Holee cow - you were drenched! I am so sorry for that!! And hope your stress level is going down! you poor thing!

Sally said...

I'm sorry to hear about your two floods and all the damage. As always, I am amazed at how productive and creative you are. I'm trying to finish up some loose ends and not have so many projects in-progress at once. Often I'll get an idea on how to use up scraps from a previous project and boom--another quilt in progress.

QuiltGranma said...

OH, MY! All that flood damage! So sorry! In spite of it you just keep sewing along though. "Just keep Sewing, just keep sewing, just keep sewing" says Dory