Monday, October 14, 2019

Sample and Quilts for Kids

First off a little housekeeping.  Some of you have been posting comments and I got very behind on replying and some of the comments are not showing up in my email and I forget to check.  I love all the comments and so appreciate the time it takes for you to write them!  Thank you! 

I made another sample quilt for my friend's shop and yes I have made this one before, just as I had in my last post!  I also made three Quilts for Kids.  I ordered two kits and used some leftover dinosaur fabrics from a quilt I made my grand nephew over six years ago for a third quilt.  They are quick and easy and it is just a great organization to support.  One more pile of fabric is now out of my stash as I just have small scraps left of the dinosaur fabrics.  I really thought I had taken straight pictures this time.  I really am not a crooked quilter!

I did a sinple large meander.  Super quick and easy quilting.

I quilted wavy lines through this one.  Also super quick and easy.

 This one is from fabrics I had on hand.  I had some strip sets and added to them and it's a fun, easy quilt to make!

Simple loop quilting finished this one off quickly.

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Unknown said...

Your friends shop has some cool panels! Did you come up with the design for this quilt? I love the look of the mountains with the panel.... it's beautiful. Great quilts for the kids, too. Simple designs are the best sometimes! You've been busy. :)

Ramona said...

Hi Julie, the above comment is mine. I was signed in under my husbands account. Oops!

Sally said...

Hi Julie,

The strippie quilts are so fun! I've made a couple and plan on making more. They're a nice break from tiny pieces, and the result is so cheerful and comforting to a child.

Mary said...

Nice you get to make Samples. Good job!

QuiltGranma said...

Thank you for the simple ideas for kids quilts!