Monday, March 26, 2018

Not a lot of progress

The last few weeks have been filled with many things, including a horrible cold virus that really zapped me.  Lots of other things going on.  I am almost quilting a large quilt, but just didn't get a chance to finish!  My daughter and grandkids are here visiting and that takes priority.  I am eeking out a few minutes with the kids playing here in the sewing room.

My biggest finish was getting the borders on my Baltimore Spring quilt.  I still haven't gotten to the stitching stage, I hope to soon.  I do have some other quilting commitments coming up, so we shall see!

When I took the quilts to school for 100 day in my previous post, our volunteer music teacher was there.  This is a small wallhanging from hand dyed fabrics and the leaves are raw edge.  It's not my favorite and she asked if I would donate it to a benefit auction for a neighbor's 4 year old great granddaughter.  I was happy to.  The little girl was born with a rare medical condition and they are seeing treatment in Boston.  I included a closeup of the quilting.  This is about 24 X 30. 

Instagram is having a quiltfest for the month of March, but again, way too many commitments to participate fully.  I  was able to post a pic on miniature quilts day though!  I wish I had laid a ruler for comparison!  It was about 24 X 27 or so, I can't remember now!  I made these a few years ago.  I used to make a lot of mini quilts!  The top two are traditionally pieces and the bottom 2 are paper pieces and they are small!

 I got out my Farmer's Wife blocks to see how many I had. I laid a piece of black fabric on the floor and I think that is what I will use on my scrappy batik quilt when I get all the rest of the blocks made some year!  Actually I have been challenged to finish it this year.  I started this many years ago.
 More recently I started the 1930's Farmers Wife.  Still not sure why as I have way too many sampler quilts and they aren't my favorite!  They are brighter and I will be using white.  I have a lot more to make!

Hopefully I will be able to get back on track with quilting and blogging.  I will post pics of my grandkids in another post!


Mary said...

I've gotten behid on my Samplers too. The Block of the Week & Months are taking the top prority around here along with my Secret Stitching for Quilt Market. I'm so Excited to have a quilt hanging in Portland in May. Have fun with your Grandchildren. Mine will be here Late Thursday night. I love seeing your Minis and Up close quilting.

Janet D said...

The Baltimore Spring quilt is very pretty. Samplers are fun to sew but they aren't a favorite of mine either. I almost started the farmers wife project but reason prevailed, good thing too or it would just be sitting in the projects pile with too many others. I'm determined to reduce that pile this year! Sorry you got sick, enjoy the family.

Melissa said...

I love the little quilt. It will be great for the auction, I hope they are able to raise a lot of money.