Monday, February 12, 2018

Bitty Blocks Finished

This weekend we threw an 80th birthday party for my mom.  She only wanted family and thought it was just going to be my husband, myself, my two brothers and their spouses and my niece and her two kids.  My sisters drove six hours to surprise her.  It was fun that we were able to pull that off!

I am excited I was able bind my Bitty Blocks from Quiltmaker's blog quilt while watching the Olympics yesterday.  I am normally someone who "listens" to TV so having to actually watch is tricky!  I should have gotten a picture of my quilting.  I did a free motion allover design, having fun making swirls and suns and fun elements.

I pin basted another top for quilting this week!  It only measures 60 X 72.
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Ramona said...

I'm a tv "listener", too! It's amazing how different it is when I do actually watch, but that doesn't happen often. Another finish for you! Woohoo! This is such a fun quilt. Where do you pin baste your quilts? On the floor? on tables? Looking forward to seeing your next finish.

Judy D in WA said...

I'm usually a listener also. I think that's why I love audio books.
Look at you, there's no stopping you now! I love this quilt with it's teeny tiny, itty bitty blocks! Good job.
I love that your sister was able to surprise your mom!

Mary said...

Go, Julie GO! That bitty Blocks quilt looks HUGE! I have to DVR the Olympics so I can watch. I miss too much when I am trying to stitch. Gotta concentrate on the needle, lol. Tiny seams require it on the ABC's I'm working on. Congrats on finish #8!!!

Suzanne said...

What beautiful projects and a very surprise for your Mom!

Melva Nolan said...

I made a bitty block quilt too. Nice job. There was something very addictive about those blocks!