Monday, December 11, 2017

Gift quilt and Odds and Ends

Have you ever lost things and think you are going crazy?  In the last six weeks I have lost my two favorite rotary cutters, a good pair of scissors, my 60 degree ruler and my jar of modge podge I bought to try the applique techniques in the book Crafted Applique.

I mention this because I was desperately looking for my 60 degree ruler to make a border print tablerunner.  My mom had asked for donations to the gift baskets they give at the Senior Center fundraiser.  I looked on youtube and managed to cut them out (with errors) using my regular ruler and the 60 degree line.  I had a couple issues, but managed to make a tablerunner and a topper.  After they were done I moved a pile and found the ruler.  I also found the modge podge, but not the other 3 missing things!
 A friend had these scraps leftover over and sewn this square background and gave it to me and said do something with it for the seniors.  It languished for a few months and then I decided to add applique.  Seriously it looked like it matched well when I was making it, but now it looks washed out.  I think I did my duty with donating 3 items.
 I finished the square dance quilt and mailed it off Friday to a friend who recently completed her master's degree while teaching and being a mother to three kids in school.  She did so much for us when my son passed away and I have always wanted to give her a quilt.  I thought a master's degree deserved one!  I originally met her through quilting.  She hasn't had time in recent years for it. 
 Wavy line quilting closeup.

I found the perfect backing online for a science teacher and the colors were a perfect match for the front!  I had a matching sort of stripe for the binding.

In October I took 4 quilt tops to a friend 3 hours away.  She has a longarm and was trying to get her business going again.  I have MANY quilt tops.  I was able to pick them up Saturday since I had other errands to do about an hour north of her.  Yep, it was a long day!

I got all 4 quilts trimmed and ready for binding.  This quilt top belonged to a friend who passed away and I inherited it.  It's not really me and I will be donating it after I bind it.  The blocks were all made by members of a quilt group we belonged to online.
 The same friend loved country fabrics and years ago Pat Sloan had a couple lines of fabric that Debi purchased.  I ended up with the fabric and it's not my favorite but I made this queen size 10 minute block quilt.  This is what I consider my ugly quilt, but I would like to make one out of batiks.  It's quick and easy and fun!  I know the top is as least 7 years old.  I will also donate it.
Another friend from South Carolina passed away and had wanted me to have her featherweight.  Her sister shipped it to me along with a bunch of unfinished projects.  We had been in this row robin together (my row is the 3rd up from the bottom).  It's pretty, but I didn't have extra fabrics and decided against borders and will just bind it with red.  I do like this quilt!
 This is the last Bonnie Hunter mystery I did.  Grand Illusion.  I dislike it intensely.  I LOVED my fabrics, but they didn't work well here.  I only used 5 fabrics and maybe that was my problem  I added pieces to the top and bottom to make it rectangluar.  It is quilted in an allover design.  I will probably donate it unless I find somebody who actually likes it!  It is queen size! I haven't done any mysteries since.
 Last, but not least, here is the pillow I received in the pillow swap on Instagram.  I love it!  I have never had a desire for an embroidery machine, but I do love the effects!  I have been busy photographing my Christmas decorations and Christmas quilts so that will be my next post!


Ramona said...

Wow! You have been busy at your house! How exciting to get all of these projects finished or near completion. The row by row is my favorite, too. You will find you scissors and rotary cutters in a bag somewhere. That's my trick... put them in a bag to take somewhere and then forget to unpack the bag when I get home. We've lost a bag full of ornaments my daughter bought for the family ornament exchange. I sure hope we find those soon!

Ramona said...

PS.... your pillow from the exchange is beautiful! I'm not that into the embroidery, either, but this is just perfect.

Judy D in WA said...

Oh Julie! I'm sitting here with tears running down my face. I'm so glad you will find good homes for Debi's quilts. I think I have a block in the one but I'll be darned if I can remember it. LOL
I love your Bonnie quilt but I didn't love mine until it was quilted and on my bed. I kinda liked it though.
Great post. Glad you found your ruler. You know the other stuff is hiding somewhere. Love your pillow!

Mary said...

I see what you got Quilted. It all counts! You have a lot of Projects like me. I can't even remember the year on a few. As for Ugly, I agree Grand Illusion wasn't my favorite either. Call it Grand DELUSION! LOL I ended up making a smaller Quilt and saved some blocks to make a baby one with calmer sashings. I know where my 60 degree ruler is, Maybe If I clean downstairs I'll find my rulers I've been missing. Too late for this year's Mystery though. I even bought 2 of them so I'd have an extra. They are somewhere in the mailer they came in, I hope DH didn't throw them away...