Friday, May 20, 2016

A Little Progress

I haven't made progress on the Farm Girl Vintage quilt because I decided it needs to be longer, so I have to take a row off and make six more blocks.  In the meantime I did get my One Block Wonder pieced.  I love it!  I am debating borders, nothing is really grabbing me, so I may just quilt and bind it as is.  However it gets added to my long list of "to be quilted" for now!
One Block Wonder

I also started piecing my daughter Lisa and husband Kevin's quilt.  They designed it and there will be red vine applique over it.  There will also be "mortar" between the rows, for design wall purposes it's not there!  I have the rows on top sewn together.  It's split in the middle on the unsewn rows strictly for layout purposes.  I don't like to have pieces over the two pieces of design wall, they don't stay as well.

Lisa and Kevin guest room quilt
That's all my excitement.  11 days of school left, and we leave for Hawaii 4 days after that.  


Amy said...

What about my quilt? And when am I going to re-design your blog?

JanetD said...

Love, love, love the one block wonder quilt. Move it to the head of the line and put it in the K/BBQ days show - please? I'm thinking I need to add one of these to my list of "want-to-make-someday" quilts. Hope you have a great vacation.

Sally said...

Your One Block Wonder turned out great! I zoomed in to see the detail, love the motion in the blocks.

Ramona said...

Wow! Your One Block Wonder is gorgeous!! The colors are wonderful and I love how you have it arranged. Your daughters quilt is really interesting. It will be fun to watch it grow and come together. How nice that you are going to Hawaii! There is a great quilt shop on Kauai, especially for batiks.

Cindy said...

Your One Block Wonder has me wanting to make one too! I started one years ago but ended up not liking the colors once I cut it up....gave the pieces away. Love the look!