Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Recap of my year on the Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

I have shown my versions of these quilts over the last year but as a recap, in January, 2015 I was selected as one of six members to join the Quiltmaker magazine blog as part of the Scrap Squad.  We were assigned quilts from an upcoming issue to make in scrappy colors.  I was delighted to be a part of this group, hoping to diminish my scrap collection.  That didn't really work as they keep multiplying, but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.  I invite you to go to the Quilty Pleasures blog and type Scrap Squad in the search and go back to February 20, 2015 and peruse all the quilts forward from there.  I only included the ones in this post that were from the same pattern I made to see the differences.  Other group members made another choice from some of the issues.

My first assignment was based on Pointed Prisms.  
Original Pointed Prisms designed by Kari Ramsey

Here is my version I named Gemstones and Kathy and Pam's quilts.
Julie's Gemstones
Kathy Wagner's Pointed Prisms

Pam Snow's @ the Circus
My next quilt was based on Chop Suey by Scott Flanagan.

Original Chop Suey by Scott Flanagan
Keri Blankenship Under the Northern Lights

My Chop Suey in Batiks
I loved the movement of our next assignment.  I played with ideas in EQ7 on changing the colors.  I made two versions of this one. Hero's Homecoming was designed by Janice Averill.
Original by Janice Averill
Donna Hanna

Emily Klaczak Hamptom Court

Kathy Wagner

My Dogwood Blooms
My Hero's Homecoming

Next up was Boxing Match by Nancy Mahoney.
Original Boxing Match by Nancy Mahoney
Emily Klaczak Colors of Summer

My version Deb's Oriental Garden

Pam Snow Summer Breeze
Quilt number five was based on Candy Cane Crush by Sandra Clemons.
Original Candy Cane Crush Sandra Clemons

Kathy Wagner Cool Hues
Donna Hanna
Keri Blankenship Quilt as You Go

My version Violets

I posted my last quilt yesterday!  Check it out at this link.


JanetD said...

It's fun seeing them all together, and a very impressive group of quilts. And the quilt you posted yesterday was a great finale. Once again you have amazed me.

Ramona said...

It never ceases to amaze me how changing the fabrics and colors can totally change the look of a quilt. They are all gorgeous! I'm glad you had a great time making these. You have some beauties now.

Melissa said...

I am ready to hang back up MY Dogwood Blooms in celebration of spring :) I just love that quilt so much and am so thrilled it was gifted to me :)

I agree with JanetD, seeing them altogether is really fun to see. I enjoyed and looked forward to each new scrap squad post that came out.

Quilter Kathy said...

So spectacular Julie! Very sad that the year has come to an end :(