Monday, May 08, 2017

Getting my Quilting Mojo Back!

I am getting my quilting mojo back and it feels great!  This weekend I was able to get several lap size quilt tops ready for quilting and got three of them quilted as of this evening. I will post photos once they are done.  They will be donated to our local care center or other organizations my guild donates too.  

I realized I had not posted my finished top of leader/ender tumblers.  It is busy, and it took a couple years, but it is a great size for a veteran or injured soldier, depending on which organization I donate it to when it's quilted.  It didn't turn out like I had planned!
 Here is my completed top from the pattern Rhubarb Pie by Madison Cottage Designs.  It is about twin size/large throw.  I added leftover strips for borders pieced together and on person I made the top/bottom and sides different.  I named mine Blue Hawaiian after an adult beverage I had in Hawaii last year.
lumpy yard

on the front deck

back deck with my crazy dog herding a piece of drain tile.  Farm buildings in the background.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Lots of cutting, some piecing

Another month flew by!  How can that be?  I was very busy in April and along with some home dec sewing, hemming a wedding dress with 5 layers, and a lot of cutting of projects.  I had groupings of fabric and I cut 8 projects!  I still have a big mess, but I have made progress. For home dec, I couldn't find the valance I wanted for the dining room, but I found fabric and then decided to do new valances for the family room.  Along with that I made some chair cushion covers for a chair that belonged to my MIL.  My daughter wanted the chair and I had already purchased fabric so I made the covers, complete with zipper plackets. Now I have not been able to find a chair I like to replace it!  I will keep looking.

I went to a quilt retreat this past weekend and made a little progress with some piecing.  For quite some time I have had the pattern Rhubard Pie by Madison Cottage Design.  The pattern showed the quilt and variations made in green and pink.  I LOVE turquoise and black and whites and started cutting.  I ended up with more quilt blocks than I planned (and have strips leftover) and as is this quilt would have finished at 72 X 80 without borders.  I didn't need a quilt that size so I took some of the blocks off.  Here are all the blocks together.
Rhubarb Pie diagonal layout
 This size is better, it would finish at 56 X 72 without borders.

 I chose a couple different layouts for the remaining blocks.  I like the second option best.

My quilt guild is small, but does a lot of charity quilt work. Someone was moving and giving away fabric.  I was given a couple sets of panels of tool fabrics.  I cut them apart and adding a sashing and now have a nice lap/throw quilt for a care center resident whenever it gets quilted!  I have backing for it as well.
I trimmed the panels as well as I could to get a smidgen of black around the panel blocks.  I think it adds a lot to the quilt top.
Several years ago I made a couple Canyon Dance quilts.  I have an exorbitant amount of batiks and these quilt blocks are so easy to piece and are cut with acrylic templates.  I cut up 55 batik FQ's and will have a total of 110 blocks when I am done for a king size quilt.  I have 30 pieced.  I will donate this to charity.... maybe...  I already have one.  The link to it is HERE.   I also made two in earth tones and gifted them and got one back when the friend passed away.  I then used it as a prize in my blog giveaway last year.  Link is HERE

That is my excitement for now!

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Finished a Quilt!

I still haven't gotten caught up on sharing pics of projects I have been working on, but I pre-entered two quilts in a quilt show that was this weekend.  One was done and the other was just a top!  I worked hard last weekend and into mid week and finished it!  It is a Judy Niemeyer paper pieced pattern called Crown of Thorns.  Nothing like a little pressure!  The other quilt I entered was my green/lime/black quilt shown here.

Crown of Thorns 72 X 72



I was surprised to receive a first place ribbon in machine quilting, non-professional!  It matches the quilt!

My daughter's "twin" is having a baby in June.  They met their freshman year in high school and found out they had the same birthday.  Lisa bought this panel (and coordinating backing) and I machine quilted it, going around the animals.

 These are blocks I started at quilt camp in early March.  They are distorted from the camera angle and the brown carpet does nothing for them!  I haven't touched them since, I have some of the arcs pieced.
I did a bit of stash enhancement at the quilt show today, buying some Kaffe fabrics and found a grouping of bright fabrics that I REALLY wanted, but I need to plan a quilt and then drive to that shop.  I came home with lots of inspiration from the show!

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Monday, April 03, 2017

A New Bed Quilt for Me!

I have had a very busy March and not as much sewing as usual, but I did accomplish a few things.  This top was actually completed Saturday.  I started it at a quilt retreat at the beginning of March.  It gets added to my HUGE pile of quilts to be quilted.  

Back story on it.... Last fall I was with friends at a quilt shop and the owner was showing us a quilt she was going to make for her granddaughter.  The pattern was Blueberry Granola by Madison Cottage Design.  I already owned the pattern and ran back and got 3 charm packs of the Catalina Ultra Violet line by Marti Michell.  I got home and looked at my pattern and realized 3 charm packs would only make a baby size quilt.  I found a FQ pack online of the entire line (28 fabrics) and eventually cut it all up into 5" charm squares.  I only have 8 squares left out of all those 5" squares! 

I got the border fabric at my LQS, she didn't have the whole line but happened to have a stripe and the black.  This will be new a top quilt for our bed.  I have always loved purple floral fabrics!

I had a closeup, not sure where it went and I have to head to work!

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Where Did February Go?

I can't believe February ends tomorrow!  For being a short month, it has been very long for me.  It has been a sick month but fortunately I am on the mend thanks to a trip to the Dr.  I have never had such ear pain from congestion and infections.  I even took sick time, unheard of for me!  I should have taken more, but it's tough to organize for a sub with my little 9 person zoo, aka Kindergarten and First Grade.  

This was my view this morning on my drive to school.  The school is at the top of this hill.  It's a good thing we didn't take the snow tires off!

I finished the Dr. Seuss quilt and it is hanging at school.  I just did a simple all over quilting.  This is an original design.  I cut the panels and some of the extra fabrics and then started cutting filler strips as I went along.  The word strip in the center was an edge strip on the panel piece.  All my photos seem blurry.  I do need a new phone, but I think I also moved each time!
Dr. Seuss, original design


backing, leftover scraps, plus additional stash pieces

My other accomplishment was making this Catch All Caddy.  I have had the pattern for a while and will be going to a quilt retreat this coming weekend.  This will help keep my stuff organized.  I am happy with it, the only issue I had was the final binding.  It was too bulky to machine stitch it down so I hand stitched it after it was on.  I look forward to filling it with my goodies for quilt camp!

I previously mentioned getting new floors.  Here is a before and after.  You can see why I wanted to update the old stuff!!!  I absolutely love it!  It's so easy to care for!  I like my new darker gray walls I painted too.  I finally got the house back together this weekend.

I have also been getting things ready for quilt camp. 

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Monday, February 06, 2017

Not Much Sewing

I have done very little in the quilting department lately.  I hope to fix that soon.  I have sewn some rows on my tumbler quilt and sorted through some things but mostly it's all been time working on our house. We built our house and moved in 20 years ago and I have been slowly updating.  Now it's new flooring on most of our main floor.  That has involved tearing out carpet (and a million staples!) tearing off baseboards, scrubbing and painting.  Thank heavens some of our flooring stays and they just go over top of it with the new. Our flooring is being delivered tomorrow and our contractor is coming up Wednesday!  I don't know how long it will all take, but I'm looking forward to it.   

This weekend I just had to do something creatively so I got out some Dr. Seuss fabric I have had for quite a few years.  I don't even know how I accumulated it!  At school we do a "Read Across America" on Dr. Seuss' birthday in March so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to work on this project.  I had a piece of fabric with 10 panels on it, different sizes and I finally just started cutting to be in increments of 2".  I cut some of the companion fabrics and placed the whole thing on my design wall and drafted it and cut filler pieces.  That is the stage it is in now.  It really will all fit together according to my graph paper! 
Dr. Seuss in progress

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Monday, January 30, 2017

A Little Progress

I have had a lot of things going on, getting tax stuff ready, being sick, working, getting my house ready for new flooring, etc.  I have been sewing in my free time.  

I did finish my Tula Pink City Sampler, quilted and bound!  I entered it an Instagram contest, but there are a lot of great entries!
Tula Pink City Sampler - 100 Modern Quilt Blocks
quilting closeup
quilting closeup

I also have some tops together out of my BIG MESS in my last post.  I also have one more almost together and another one I am piecing as leader/enders.  I bought a bolt of backing and had hoped to do some machine quilting, but that hasn't happened yet.  These quilts will be donated to the American Hero project.  I will eventually do a couple for Quilt of Valor.

Blocks were all donated or won in a block lotto at a retreat 64 X 80

Center was given to me as well as two different sets of blue blocks.  I came up with this setting
We have had six snow days so far this year at school and more snow is predicted.  We do have some makeup days to do, but snow can also be pretty! 
one of our fields on the way home from work last week
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Finished Projects and a Big Mess

In an earlier post I showed small quilts that I was finishing during a quiltathon.  They are completely finished and I'm working on the last label.   Here they are with binding.

Deb's flower basket

quilting closeup

Christmas Wishes
Scrappy Bright Stars mini
I pieced the backing for my Tula Pink City Sampler using all the leftover fabrics.  I have just small scraps left.  Now to get it basted and quilted!

Today being it was MLK Civil Rights Day/Day of Service, I started a child's quilt using my box of 2" squares.  I don't have anything to show for that.  I also pressed my pile of hourglass units I have been working on as leaders and enders.  They were all triangle cutoffs from a large quilt I made for the American Hero project a few years ago.  I got them pressed, but not trimmed.
hourglass units ready for trimming

Now to the Big Mess.  Over the years I made many quilts for the American Hero quilt project.  I have collected blocks from people and made blocks and threw them all in a bin with assorted fabrics, a lot of them donated.   It's deceptive but that is a large gray tote underneath.  I am now switching gears and making a couple Quilts of Valor for a local presentation, then will go back to the American Hero project.  I have two Army officer nephews currently serving.  I had fully intended to dump out the bin and do some sorting today to see what I really have but other things came up today.

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Be My Neighbor

This post is dedicated to my Be My Neighbor quilt.  I did finish it over a week ago during the Quiltathon at Patchwork Times.  I finally got some pictures, but it's so hard to get a full size picture when I can't take it outside!  I'm afraid it would get too wet with the snow.  I also couldn't get it to show the true brightness of the fabrics.
Be My Neighbor on the design that is only 7' high
Be My Neighbor on the basement floor
Be My Neighbor on a queen bed
I quilted wavy lines horizontally from edge to edge.  It was fun and added the texture I wanted.
Wavy line quilting

I used a stripe binding and applied it completely by machine, sewing it on the back and flipping it to the front and edge stitching.

I am entering the quilt into the contest on the Bear Creek Be My Neighbor site. scroll down to the bottom so you can see the details of the contest.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Quiltathon Day 2

Day 2 of the Quiltathon at Patchwork Times.  I got a late start as this crazy cold virus was trying to win today.  I finally got moving and have quilted two of the three wallhangings I had ready and have the binding stitched on and ready for hand stitching.    

For some reason I can't load pictures right now.  I get an almost blank screen with a sad face.  I have never seen that before.  I will try again later on an update.  In the meantime I will go quilt the third wallhanging!

Update:  The pictures loaded.  This is more of a large doll quilt size, but it will be a fun, bright quilt to hang in the hallway upstairs.  I was using scrap batting and I had a wool that was very thin and "spotty" so I used two layers.  BIG mistake!  I don't like the puffiness of it and it was tough to quilt straight lines.  I have the stripe binding on and ready for stitching.

Here is Christmas Wishes.  I just quilted a lot of straight lines.  I really like the effect and didn't want to disturb the hand embroidery.  Binding is ready for stitching.

block closeup

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