Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quilt a day #43

I went to a quilt show in Clarkston today and put a few pics on my webshots account. I was taking inspirational photos of black and white quilts and 30's quilts. I usually take more photos at a show but I kept running into people I knew and getting distracted. I didn't buy a thing, which is unfortunate for the vendors, but nothing grabbed me and I have a lot of fabric and UFO's!

When I got home from the show I took a photo of my tulips. It was cool and windy so they weren't open. My son had parked his sister's car in front of the house so I had to take a side view! Later on I will plant petunias between the crocuses and tulips. This quilt is a Yellow Brick Road I made for my friend Joann several years ago when she graduated from college.

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