Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gift for a Friend

This is a wallhanging that I made as a challenge for a small design group I am in. Our challenge was to make something 15" X 45" and it needed to hang vertically. I had some other ideas but this one just kept screaming at me. I turned it into a gift for my friend Nikki. She likes circles and the color green. I used some threadwork, beading and diagonal straight line quilting for accents. I also faced the quilt instead of using binding and I really like the look of it.

I had been wanting to post a picture but the quilt was in a show last weekend in Lewiston, Idaho and I mailed it to Nikki Tuesday. I wanted it to be a surprise and now that she has it and loves it I can write about it!

I enjoyed the Lewiston show this year, viewing the wallhangings and challenges is my favorite part!


QltnRobin said...

TAGGED! Now you have to do a MeMe!
Great quilt by the way!

Happy Peony said...

Quite a beautiful quilt you made for your friend! What a lucky friend!

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