Monday, June 12, 2017

Field Trip, Quilting, Walking

School is out!  Last week was super busy.  Monday we took a field trip to Elk Creek Falls and the largest Western Red Cedar tree east of the Cascade Mountains.  It's a long bus ride and the falls are about a 4 mile round trip walk to see all 3 of the falls, but our class made it! It is a series of 3 waterfalls, the middle one being 70 feet high.  
Upper Falls

Middle Falls - 70 ft

Lower Falls - 50 ft.

giant cedar - hard to get the perspective of size.
We also had field trips Tuesday and Wednesday digging for garnets (Idaho's gem) and a museum for Idaho history.  Thursday was our end of school BBQ and awards. 

I finished quilting my Ultra Violets quilt and gifted it to our music teacher.  This wonderful woman has been volunteering for 15 years in our school teaching music, art, organizing our monthly hot lunches (yes our students normally bring their own lunch) and putting on amazing winter programs.  Her youngest child of four kids was leaving our school this year, moving on to junior high. She will continue to volunteer for music but is cutting down on other activities. She loves purple and has been so generous over the years to myself and the other aides and teachers, giving us gifts for every occasion.  I have an incredible number of quilts and didn't need this one.  I took a couple pictures in my pasture.  She was thrilled to receive the quilt and overwhelmed.  She received some other gifts as well and is so giving as a pastor's wife, it was hard for her to be on the receiving end!

Saturday I participated in the Maniac Dam Race.  I am a walker, not a runner. I took the first picture at the viewpoint where the race started.  This is the highest straight axis dam in North America and third highest dam in the country.  The reservoir is 53 miles long and this dam is just 8 miles from my house.  
 Looking down from the top.
Another view.  For a year in the late 90's we had to drive up and over this dam to get to town while the bridge in the distance was being replaced.  It made the trip MUCH longer!
 Beginning of the lake.
My high school mascot is the Maniac.  I had my picture taken with him after the race!  Normally the top of the dam is closed and has been since 9/11 but for this occasion with ID you can cross the dam and back.


Mary said...

Great pictures of the Dam and Waterfalls. The Purple quilt is perfect. Hope your Summer is full of fun!

Judy Hansen said...

Great pics of your scenic walk, and such a nice thing to do to give a quilt to someone so deserving.