Monday, June 01, 2015

Design Wall Monday and Weather

I almost missed posting on Monday.  I can't show two of the projects I am working on until they are revealed on the Quiltmaker blog later this month.  They have taken most of my time along with gardening.  I am linking up with Patchwork Times.

Below all the other photos are some random flower photos I have taken.

I decided I really would like to have all my Farmer's Wife blocks made by the end of the summer.  I am using only my batiks scraps and enjoying different color combinations.  For storing the blocks I have a binder with protector sheets and I'm putting each block in order in the book so I can't show all that I have done!  I am also writing the block number, name and date I made each block on the back.

Two 6" blocks for Farmer's Wife
I am quilting a quilt for a friend of  a friend.  She is not a quilter and she made a pieced satin star for the center and very, very wide borders.  I quilted stars in the open areas with Superior Fantastico thread.  I love the sheen of this thread. I am quilting wavy lines to replica a flag flying and then will free motion quilt 5 pointed stars in the borders.

Satin Star quilt 
We are having wild weather like other parts of the U.S.  Yesterday we had torrential rains and tonight another violent storm.  I tried to photograph the standing rain yesterday and the clouds coming in this evening.  We have some end of the year field trips coming up for school, hopefully the weather cooperates!
my garden is behind the bush, between the trees.  It's very wet
My driveway Sunday night

Pictures of clouds Monday evening.

yellow roses by an old building about 10 miles from home
Irises by my driveway

Sunflowers on my walk Friday

Our puppy Leia being naughty in the flowerbed.


Mary said...

Are you doing them in a special Order? How many FW blocks do you have as of this posting? I like to post the total as I go so I don't have to count every time I add to my stack. Good Luck getting them done between Scrap Squad projects.

Melissa said...

Those clouds look pretty ominous and dramatic! We are suppose to get rain through tomorrow and then it's suppose to heat back up again. That's a good goal on finishing up the blocks!

JanetD said...

Quite the storm on Monday night, I hope it didn't ruin anything in your garden. How many of the Farmer's Wife blocks have you completed? Yours is going to be beautiful.
Looking forward to the revealed quilts later this month.

Lara B. said...

Farmer's Wife blocks all in batiks - Now that is going to be amazing Julie! Also I totally love what you are doing to store and organize your blocks as you make them and I am going to borrow you idea for sure. I'm glad Ramona nominated you for a lovely blog award!
Those storms look incredible. And doesn't it amaze you to see the yellow roses still growing beside an abandoned building? Nature is awe inspiring.