Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm back from blogger hiatus!

I hope I can keep up blogging now that I decided to take the plunge and start again. My daughter Lisa told me it had been six months since my last post. Really? I told her I had a plan to start on March 1st but I am doing it a couple days early!

I don't know where the fall went and then of course was Christmas and mostly I just did quilting for others. I will slowly try to catch up on photos.

January and February have not been great with several health issues (mono was just the start and I'm still fighting the tiredness of that) but I managed to finish a quilt top today. I started the embroidery after Christmas from Alex Anderson. I used colored pencil to fill in the embroidery and really enjoyed that. I used a bunch of 2.5" 30's squares from my friend Deb, who unfortunately passed away recently. I should have tried to brighten the photo a bit.

On the way back from Deb's memorial service in central WA I stopped at Palouse Falls. I love waterfalls and the landscape around this is so impressive. My friend Robin had not been there before and it was a nice break in the drive.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh I love that quilt - I need to know more about the colored pencils - and the fabrics are right up my alley.

Don and I want to take a trip over to Palouse Falls - and we want to see wild horses running - two wonderful things to do.

Glad to see you back - we've missed you - take care.

Jeanne said...

Hi Julie, I check your blog occasionally too and am glad you are feeling up to posting again. Another beautiful quilt, love the 30's fabrics. I hope you are having a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!

Mary said...

Happy to see you workign again. Being sick or unable to do what you "love" is frustrating to say the least. Heard about your Fun side trip at the Quilt shop in Ephrata from Robin. I actually saw her and a few others at EXPO this year, that was fun!

Tink said...

Welcome back Julie!! <3 the quilt you made from the red work patterns...even with illness your productivity puts me to shame. :)

So happy you are feeling better!