Monday, April 05, 2010

Quilt a day #34

Some of you know I have had an ongoing medical saga since Jan. 3rd of this year. I have one more chapter to add, if you are interested it will be below today's picture.

Today's weather was wild. There was a major snowstorm, but it warmed up twenty degrees and melted in a couple of hours.

This quilt is one I saw the pattern for in Colorado a couple of years ago called Merry Meadow. I didn't get it then, but ordered it later and then used some pastel florals for the background. The applique is by machine except all the yo-yo's that I made and hand appliqued. I love the soft look of this quilt.
I have another chapter in my medical saga! I woke up yesterday with intense sinus pain and some eye pain. I was able to dull it and make it through the day. This morning I woke up in horrible pain in my nose and eye and my left eye vision was blurred. My eyeball was extremely sensitive. My husband was sure I had a blockage in my sinuses so I went to Express Care after working this morning. The Dr. flat out said "I don't know". He was concentrating on my eye and finally said I needed to go see my eye Dr. ASAP as my vision was 20/60 in that eye with my glasses on. I went to the eye Dr.'s office and they were able to get me in right then. I have "iritis". The eye Dr. was very, very concerned when I told him about all I had been through recently. Iritis is caused by inflammation in the body! I left with a dilated eye and had to get two prescription drops. I was alone and had to drive home with worse vision in my eye than when I went!. I have to go back tomorrow afternoon to be checked but DH is going with me this time. My iris is stuck to the lens in my eye. It's so bizarre! I never dreamed something this would happen in my continuing saga! The eye Dr. wants to know what my SED rate is next time I have my blood checked (which is next week).


Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh Julie - I'm so sorry to hear about yet another incident. Hope the doctors get this cleared up soon. Are you still going to get to go to your retreat?

Anonymous said...

That quilt is awesome! The pastel background really makes the flowers pop!

Get better!!!!!

Jeanne said...

Another beautiful quilt! So sorry to hear about more medical issues.