Sunday, September 06, 2009

Quilting Finishes

I haven't gotten very many things accomplished recently, but here are two quilts I finished in August for my friend Deb.
The blue one is a hearts and flowers quilt. The blocks were made by members of the WA State Internet Quilters in memory of Deb's parents. Deb had the mottled blue batik and I came up wtth this setting using almost every scrap of the blue! I machine quilted it and bound it and included a quilting closeup.
The second one is an antique Double Wedding Deb purchased off ebay. I machine quilted it with warm and natural batting, then threw it in the washer and dryer. Deb was astounded when she saw the quilt! I must admit, the washing really added to it. The binding was tricky, but I managed!

I went to visit Deb and delivered the quilts in person and that was fun to see, since she had no clue I had finished the Double Wedding Ring!

I spent two nights in Ephrata and took off early on the 22nd to head to Seattle. I was at Lisa's dorm by 10 AM and headed out of Seattle with her and a very loaded car by 10:30 AM that day! This was taken from a rest area on I-90, loved seeing Mt. Rainier!


Deb in WA said...

Oh Julie, you're too nice. It's okay if you tell them Deb had no clue because she'd forgotten she even won the bid on ebay for that beauty-LOL!! How you finish my beautiful quilts is WHY they're beautiful and I am always astounded by your work and attention to detail.

Deb in WA said...

OH, and the H&F quilt is much prettier in person. The pics just don't do it justice at all. This one is extra special because of who the blocks are from, and because it's for both my parents. It will be passed on to Ryan.

WHAT's with the pics of the sagebrush. I can't believe both you and Lisa took pics of it-ROFLOLWMP!! Ok, ok, I'll be the first to admit I live in one doggone desolate area that should have been named Sagebrush Flats. I made a comment years ago that as you sit and look at MY wilderness you can almost imagine the covered wagons crossing this way. Not a big stretch at all, huh?-LOL!!

Thanks for the beautiful job you did and always do on my quilts dear friend. I'd be quiltless without you.

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely friend you are. And the quilts are wonderful. I love the double wedding ring, but oh that binding.

Cindy said...

Wonderful work, as usual. Love the machine quilting you did.

Gabriele said...

You did a wonderful job on both of Deb's quilts.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, that DWR binding does look tricky! But hey, you're the master! Gee, that sagebrush looks awfully familiar, like just outside my back yard! ROFL! Great job and the H&F turned out super too! I'll admit, it kinda makes me want to go start a UFO. lol! Maybe, then again, I have to get up from here and by that point, the enthusiasm will be dissipated. ROFL!

Julie in the Barn said...

Julie, these are just beautiful. I bought a bag of unfinished 30s DWR parts years ago & have never finished them. Yours has me thinking about digging that bag out & giving it a try.