Friday, July 10, 2009

Will I Ever Catch Up?

Life is so complicated right now it seems. Good and bad. In June I was gone for almost two weeks traveling and having a spectacular time! Here are a couple pictures of my trip to New York. Three days in city area and 3 days in the West Point area where my nephew reported on the 29th. More details on that later. Before that I was on my 25th anniversary trip with my husband in Canada. I have pics of that trip also.Here I am at the Statue of Liberty.One of the many gorgeous views of part of West Point and the Hudson River.

My dad passed away on July 4th so I have been doing a lot with helping with that. We are having a Memorial "party" on July 18th. Dad didn't like funerals (but went to tons of them) and liked parties so that is what we are doing. More of a celebration of life. Dad was ill and had no hope, it just wasn't expected that he would go when he did, but it was a blessing. He is free of the intense pain he was suffering.

I have a new Pfaff Grand Quilter and it's still in the box!


Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow Julie - take a deep breath - now that's better!!! I know - easier said than done - but I do hope things slow down and get better for you - maybe after the party.

And when you can - get that quilter open and enjoy it - you know you want to play with it - I know you want to play with it - have fun when you finally do. And try not to rush - (again - easier said than done - I KNOW - but we can hope) :-)

Lisa said...

You should have imitated Lady Liberty in that picture ;)

I want to see more pics! Tell me if you put them on the web somewhere, because otherwise it will have to wait until I get home (in 6 weeks)!

Good luck planning for the party, and have fun with your new quilting machine :)

Anonymous said...

You will....I promise! Just remember what I have the worst time remembering (taking my own advice that is!), and that is take a second, prioritize what's REALLY important right now and then let the rest go without guilt. See, told you I can't even take my own advice!....well, except for letting my house go, but really, that SHOULD be one of my priorities! :) My heart is with you guys; I wish I could be there to help you!

Side note: Thanks to Lisa, I followed her link to her blog and found that great free background site. Cool, now I have another non-priority item to spend my time on! :)

Love ya!

joann said...

Julie, I'm sending special hugs to you this day. I know life is hectic right now, but do what Tamra advised and let everything but the most important go, and DON't stress about it. Let us know all about how the playing with the quilter goes!

Karen said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. I think it is a wonderful idea to have a party.

So, you came to Canada for your 25th Anniversary. Where did you go?