Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pulling off a Surprise

I am terrible at keeping secrets, just ask my kids! I could hardly keep from telling them what their presents were. However, I pulled one off. A couple weeks ago my sister in Scottsdale mentioned coming up here this week. Her boys were on spring break and it would be a good time for her to get away by herself. We decided to not let my parents know she was coming! My other sister was involved and I told my SIL and some friends and even an interent group, but didn't tell my parents!

I didn't lie, but did say I was coming by Sunday afternoon. I picked up my sister at the airport and we came up with a plan, although my dad was napping and mom was on the computer when we got there so it changed a tiny bit. Lori was able to sneak into the house and was sitting in a chair in the family room and mom walked by her and back and forth around and didn't notice her. In the meantime I was totally hysterical and mom thought I was losing my mind! When mom finally noticed her she about went into shock. She was crying and laughing and I was worried about giving her a heart attack. Dad came out of the bedroom and stood there shaking cobwebs out of his head and finally said "What are you doing here?" He wasn't as shocked as mom!

Lori has been doing some work around the house and helping out and my daughter Lisa went down yesterday to help do some deep cleaning. I showed up after work and played cards!

Since I like to have pictures with my posts, here is a picture of my house last week after another snow storm. Come on spring!!!


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely surprise - glad you could make it work. Hope that snow disappears soon.

Mary said...

The only good thing about snow is the quilting that gets done. Glad you kept that secret! Enjoy the time with your sister. How fun.

NurseBrandy said...

I LOVED reading your "surprise" story!!! That's great! I did a similar thing with my sister for my Mom's 55th birthday. We had my sister and her husband waiting in the bedroom, and my niece was in the kitchen with the rest of us... Mom scanned by my niece TWICE before it finally made sense just who that was. It was GREAT! :~)