Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Month Gone by

Note, the new photo on my blog title. Description below!

I can't believe it happened again. Another month went by. I have done some painting in my house, put in extra hours at work due to my boss's appendectomy, went to the big quilt show in Spokane or two days and did some sewing. I made my dad two heavyweight flannel shirts for his birthday this week. I am quilting on a commission quilt, but my big accomplishment was an original quilt I finished yesterday and delivered.

It started as a Brown Bag Challenge at Becky's Fabrics in Lewiston. I purchased a bag with three fabrics in it, but of course I couldn't see the fabrics. I kept procrastinating (story of my life) and had to do something. I just started cutting and made a strata using some fabrics in my stash and one of the challenge fabrics.

I then cut 6" squares from different directions on the strata and interspersed some squares of the focus fabric and assembled the top. I added a border of the floral, then cut paper flowers and played with placement and sizes. I did not use fusible web, just put some fusible thread under the edges of the flower shapes I cut to hold them down enough to heavily stitch them. I used batting, but no backing at this stage. I heavily machine quilted the piece and a
dded yarns and beads. Once I was finished I fused a backing onto the quilt and bound it. I didn't have to worry about hiding knots on the back this way! The finished quilt measures about 36 X 41. I got it entered one day before the deadline, I can't wait to get into the shop during the month of November to see all the challenge pieces!


floribunda said...

Julie, I love your machine quilting! Sounds like it was a fun challenge...

Cindy said...

Oh Julie, I love this quilt! You did a great job...great design...great quilting. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Rock on! You win top prize in my challenge book! Of course, your quilting and embellishment is the peak of perfection... wouldn't expect less from you :)! No pressure from here on out though. ROFL!