Monday, August 21, 2017

Making Progress!

I was able to finally turn my 110 Canyon Dance blocks into a quilt top.  In an earlier post I had auditioned sashing, but decided against it.  I already have a Canyon Dance that is a little brighter, I was just trying to use up some of my batiks!  I will probably eventually donate this quilt, when it makes it to the top of the "to be quilted" pile!
Canyon Dance
I spent quite a bit of time piecing a backing out of leftovers for this quilt.  I LOVE these fabrics.  I pieced this top in November, 2015 and I want it done this year for Christmas, so I thought August 
was a good time to do it!  I am ready for machine quilting now.
Snippets by Cottonway pattern with Jingle fabrics and a few others!
 I had picked up a couple pair of eclipse glasses earlier in this month and took them to work today.  My husband had another viewer at home that was free in the paper.  My coworkers and I stood outside and watched the eclipse.  We are north of the area of totalality and had about 95% coverage.  I did not take pictures of the eclipse with my cell phone, but thought the crescents in the shadows of a tree were pretty interesing!
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Mary said...

So you're back in school. Your Christmasy quilt looks good to go under the needle. Congrars on using some of your Batik Stash.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Great colors in your Canyon Dance quilt top. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

Ramona said...

I love your Canyon Dance top. I did order the pattern and templates, so that is on my list to make! Looking forward to seeing your finished Christmas quilt. It's a good plan to have it ready to quilt in August. The colors and prints are so pretty. We didn't have much eclipse coverage here and as it hit the peak, clouds rolled in. :( I did see one in London years ago. It's amazing!

Sally said...

Love the quilts as usual. I've been holding back on starting another Christmas quilt, your fabrics are so fun. Really like the eclipse refractions though the tree!

traditional_quilter said...

I love your Christmas quilt top, it is very pretty. Your Canyon Dance quilt turned out very nicely also. Great job!