Monday, July 25, 2016

Not a Lot of Quilting

This past week was busy with several activities and appointments and hosting a neighborhood party.  I did silly things like yardwork, house cleaning, etc.  The only quilting I accomplished was quilting and binding this quilt for a friend.  Her granddaughter made it many years ago and had it marked for hand quilting.  I free motion quilted on the marked lines (well I tried at least!).  On the cross stitch pieces I just went around the design.  

I will be finishing my granddaughter's quilt this week and I really, really want to start on this year's Row By Row.  Some shops around here don't have winners yet and I have 10 rows collected.

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Judy D in WA said...

Good job on the quilting. It's a very sweet quilt.
Can't wait to see your rows.

Melissa said...

Nice that you had the marking already done :) It looks like you did a great job working with it. I tried binding on my yellow quilt yesterday, but it was just too warm in the house to have the quilt on me! We have a nice marine layer this morning, so I'm going to get busy before it reaches the high temps they are predicting.

Ramona said...

How nice of you to quilt this for your friend. Your quilting really adds to the quilt. I hate it when housework gets in the way of fun. :) Have fun working on your granddaughters quilt.

Mary said...

You are taking lots of pretty walks too! Quilting waits for things like that. Quilting on the lines would be easier I would think. Hope the marking's wash out. Nice work as always.