Monday, May 18, 2015

Design Wall Monday - finished tops!

For a few weeks I had a couple scrappy small charity quilts on my design wall.  I had used them as leader/enders when I was sewing other projects.  I actually have them sewn together now into tops! Plus I got the pyramid quilt top together.  I have a lot of machine quilting projects going on so all these will go into my collection of "to be quilted" tops.

Wallhanging from leftovers from making this quilt for Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

made from 2" squares (1.5" finished) charity quilt top.  It's very purple, my favorite color!
Strippy Pyramids - double bed size
For years and years (at least 20) I have been sewing 1.5" squares together as leader/enders.  Of course I have made several other quilts in between using this same technique but bigger squares.  I have been sewing them in rows of 16 squares and throwing them in a box not pressed.  Over the years I have sewn some of the blocks together.  I thought surely there was enough for a quilt...  I have six completed 16" blocks and enough strips for four and a half more blocks.  Hmmm.... not quilt the 12 blocks I was planning on but getting there!  I will do a solid sashing some year when I get more blocks done.  It's very busy!
1 inch finished squares randomly sewn squares
Check out Patchwork Times for lots more inspiration!


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Beautiful quilts! Purple is my favorite color and I just love that purple quilt! 1" squares...Wow! It looks wonderful :)

Judy D in WA said...

I'm lost without leader/enders. Great quilt tops added to your collection. Love the 16 patch blocks!

Alycia said...

Those are all great!!! That stippy pyramids is beautiful!!!

Ramona said...

Julie, I love your strippy pyramids quilt. I'm learning to use some new rulers and one cuts triangles, so I might have to sew some strips together and start cutting. You leader/ender quilt is awesome! It must be fun to look back on all of the fabrics you have used over the years.

Mary said...

Love the Purple! How big so you make your charity Quilts? The 1" scrappy blocks are busy. I love Leader Enders too. Bonnie Hunter calls them Free quilts.