Monday, April 27, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I have something new on my wall!  Not that I finished one of the other projects but I needed to put up my Fire Island Hosta. (pattern by Judy Niemeyer) I went to a retreat with 8 other women this past weekend and I spent the whole time sewing the pieces for this quilt top.  I am working on assembling it now.  I am so excited because I love the visual impact.  Picking fabrics was tough and I changed a couple fabrics during the cutting process. Most of my quilts involve purple and I am not a green fan, but I am excited by this quilt!
pieces for my Fire Island Hosta
our 9 week old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd  puppy, Leia

Flower Bed, tulips are already starting to fade away

winter wheat field near my house.  I just watching our crops grow!
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dq said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Gorgeous quilt, gorgeous spring flowers, gorgeous scenery, and cute puppy.

Mary said...

Have fun gettitng the background on your Fire Island Hosta. It is funny to see a quilt you work on without Purple!

Quilter Kathy said...

WOWZER! That is amazing Julie! So much complex piecing in this!