Saturday, February 07, 2015

Favorite Colors

Apparently I have some favorite colors as I have several quilt tops using these colors!  These are my go to colors!  I looked at a collection of fabrics I have sitting there to make "Fire Island Hostas" and yes, they are pretty much the same colors!  I have one quilt that isn't shown.  I quilted it and donated it last year without taking a picture!  It was leftover strips from the Log Cabin pictured below.

Crown of Thorns - top pieced in Sept. 2014 at a retreat sponsored by Quilt Taffy.  Pattern by Judy Niemeyer.

Stars and Scraps.  Pieced in 2013 and 2014.  Currently almost finished quilting and it will be a gift.

wallhanging with scaled down blocks 4" for 4 1/2" tall rows

Log Cabin - pattern by Judy Martin  pieced in Nov. and Dec. 2013

trees - some of the blocks were made by friends with fabrics I provided

Round Robin turned into a shower curtain

Canyon Dance - finished quilt is on my bed
leftovers - will add border, quilt and donate


Mary said...

I gravitate to similar colors as well. Purple is my favorite, but last year was quilts that were mostly Blue. Crazy that you have so many that you love. Did you line the shower curtain? Just wondering how it holds up?

Sarah said...

I share your love of those colors - that's about 75% of the reason I'm following you now! When I click on a link to someone's page the first thing I do is just scroll down and see what colors they are using - will looking at their work bring me happiness? Your's definitely does! Plus I like the patterns you work on, so I always enjoy seeing your projects.