Wednesday, January 21, 2015

An Amazing Gift

I realized I had not posted about this incredible gift of a quilt we received from my friend Melissa Devin in December.  Last year she asked if she could make us a quilt out of my son Brad's t-shirts.  For the story of his death in 2013 go here.  Brad was not a super involved person but had shirts from track (districts and state), U of I shirts, Mexico trip shirts, Geography Bee shirts and other miscellaneous ones.  I got the shirts to Mel in August and in December an incredible package arrived.  She was so worried about the quilt because she somehow has the idea I can quilt well, but she did AMAZING!  I LOVE the design, I LOVE The fabrics and I LOVE The quilting.  Yes, I am yelling!  The wheat fabric she used is phenomenal.  She used dog prints and outdoorsy flannels on the back, two of his great loves.  For the story of Brad's involvement in wheat breeding go here.  Thank you Mel, we love the quilt and it's very snuggly.

backing and one leftover shirt

wheat fabric sashing


Mary said...

Mel did a great job! I'm always impressed with her giving sprit. Enjoy wraping yourselves in hugs from Brad with this quilt.

JanetL said...

What a gift, and she did an amazing job on it. It will be a treasure to you I'm sure.

Melissa said...

I'm so happy you like it. Love you!!