Monday, April 13, 2009

Back from a Retreat

I left Thursday for a quilting retreat at Palouse Divide Lodge and returned Sunday. My group was small, 11 of us and there was another group in the main lodge. We were there the same weekend last year also and had a joint show and tell Saturday night both years. It's fun watching the two groups intermingle and see all the wonderful quilting and other projects. We have a painter/potter in our group and a jewelry maker. We have the same weekend booked together next year also. I will get pics of the tops I pieced later this evening, but for now I have pics of my walk I took. The retreat center is the former North/South Ski Bowl and when I was there with another group in November I had hiked up to the top of the hill but it was too foggy for pics. I hiked up there Friday in the snow and took some pics. The views are fabulous!This is the lodge. The roof you can see on the right is the old ski lodge and that is where my group was. There is a nice room and rooms to sleep 13 with two bathrooms. The main lodge straight ahead has a large eating area on the left (two meals a day are prepared for you) and the large room on the right is the conference room. Bedrooms are on the main floor and it sleeps 40.Looking east.This is from the mountaintop cabin area, the old chair lift is still there. The cabin on top of the mountain is gorgeous! I went inside and looked around. This is it below, it has two floors of living area.
The view from the deck is where I took the lodge picture.This is the view to the north.


Tink said...

Looks like a heavenly place to laugh and sew and enjoy your art!
Boy do I wish Leavenworth was next week! :)

Piecefulafternoon said...

Breathtaking - can't wait to see the pictures of your quilts.

solje said...

What a neat place for a retreat! Did you bring a sled for a ride down? :-) Nice pics!